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Procrastination vs. Slow Work

By Lindsay Hindle | Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “The Medicine in Slow Work” (find it here). The article celebrates the merits of taking our time in creating our life’s expression and not feel pressured to speed things out the door if we’re not thrilled by that vibe.

But because SLOW WORK can often be confused with PROCRASTINATION, it’s important to know the difference so you can make deliberate, intentional progress in 2020, minus the hustle and minus the procrastination.

Here are some differences between slow work and procrastination:

(1) Slow work isn’t necessarily TIME SLOW as it is presence-rich. We allow ourselves space and time to BE WITH something.

Example: You choose to go for a swim in the ocean because this is where you get relaxed and creative ideas to pour in. You get an instant download from source and it takes a week or two of unpacking and integrating the wisdom to make sense of it or inspire you to create something with it.

In this space, you are not NOT doing anything. You’re actively choosing to BE WITH yourself receiving, unpacking and letting the magic of the message work through you.

Maybe that unpacking takes seconds. Maybe it takes days or weeks or months. Your process has its own unfolding.

Procrastination, on the other hand, is actually time fast and presence-poor.

Because of an instant need TO NOT BE WITH something that makes us uncomfortable, we self-distract as quickly as possible.

Procrastination stops the process of: emergence ➡️unpacking + sense-making ➡️creation ➡️ implementation.

(2) Slow work has its own frequency of patience, curiosity and care, always checking in (pausing) to see if one is in harmonic vibration with self or out of tune and adjusting accordingly

“How do I feel with this? Does it speak to me? Is my highest self present? Am I serving the highest good?

Procrastination has the frequency of NUMBING. “I’ll do anything BUT BE CURIOUS with why I don’t want to go there or do that thing right now.  The only question procrastination asks is:

“How can I get out of this?”

(3) Slow work can have a work/life plan that supports and accommodates the creator and their spacious pace and it can thrive with life-affirming discipline.

You, in fact, can stimulate yourself to be in “receiving mode” or “creating mode” or “implementing mode”, these states don’t always happen on a mere whim (or when the lightning strikes as they say).

Procrastination, on the other hand, is a wild beast and won’t be contained. More like an unruly child that simply throws itself on the floor saying “You can’t make me” it quickly spirals out of hand into the comfort of numbing inertia.

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Is this breakdown helpful? Are you prone to procrastination? How do you see yourself moving into 2020, are you thirsty for slow work or are you eager for a speedier “hit the ground running” kind of vibe?

The Medicine In Slow Work

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Persistence , Resilliency , Spirit

There are times and places for rapid action, done is better than perfect and slapping things out the door to see what works…but crafting your life’s expression and purposeful mark in the world doesn’t have to be one of them.

With the trumpets sounding the call of 2020, you’d think (as a confidence & follow-through coach) I’d be talking about how you can stretch and hit your goals before “time runs out” in 2019.

But being the highly sensitive rebel I am, I would much rather challenge the old (aka.ruthless & unsustainable) paradigms of success and draw your focus to the medicine in slow work.

You don’t have to look too far to see how “taking your time”, especially in the online biz world, is something people seem to “resign” themselves to.

Personally, I think the self-apologizing around success taking hundreds of “baby-steps” harms our self-concepts and our world as a whole.

Urgency can be a good thing. But feeling “desperate urgency” is a recipe for dissatisfaction (because it’s driven by fear) and in fact, often results in the same “treadmill of pressure” people trying to escape from their 9-5 in the first place!

As healing as it is to define our purpose and declare our path to more meaningful work in the world  – when we then go and place all our focus on getting to the “good part” (aka. outcomes) we skip over the additional medicine that is hidden for us in the process!

We’re not just creating a thing or a go-to brand, we’re creating ourselves.

It’s time to renew our reverence for good things taking time. Not because “the thing” we make ends up being better…

But because WE end up being better when we honour the making of ourselves.

WE are half the reason our purpose makes itself known. To withhold reverence for our own incremental evolution is to deny an entire universe of built-in abundance right under our noses.

Purposeful abundance is what we’re all after, isn’t it?

So yes, the trumpets of 2020 are already sounding and asking us to pay attention to what we will create in the new year.

I’m down for foundation setting that lasts a lifetime, rather than placing too much focus on “hurrying” something to the finish line before the arbitrary deadline of December 31.

Are you also interested in setting your abundance foundation and learning the full range of Abundance Alchemy so 2020 feels lighter, easier, and more rewarding?

Are you ready to call in more love, time, money, and creativity that will support your life’s expression and help you make a purposeful mark in the world?

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The ONE ingredient every successful person has

By Lindsay Hindle | Mind , Performance , Perspective Shift

Have you ever made a recipe and skipped an ingredient (or two) casually assuring yourself “It’s no big deal”, only to have it turn into a mess even your neighbour’s goat wouldn’t eat?

I know what you’re thinking…who lives next to goats?!

If your ideal life includes a purposeful career or biz, you *might* need things like:

  • the courses that help you build skills
  • the camera and equipment for the ‘perfect’ livestreams
  • the head-to-toe crystals for health, prosperity or fame

But the FIRST ingredient you need is…


Granted BY YOU, FOR YOURSELF, to allow yourself to want what you want.

Because without it you know what happens?

Shrinking and hiding.
Deciding then backtracking.
“I need X and then I can have or I’ll be ready for Y.”
Half-way starting.

That type of thing.

You could be holding back on the things you really want and not even see it. For example:

You might want to hire a personal trainer. Seems reasonable to get an expert to help you train in the best way possible. You even tell your best friend you’re going to hire a trainer.

And then you don’t.

Why didn’t you follow-through? Because somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain a belief was lurking:

“We’re not allowed to want to be happy and powerful.”

Fit (the outcome to training) = happy + powerful

Could be a million reasons why your brain tells you that; messages from Mom & Dad, the culture you grew up in, examples of nasty powerful people that make power seem evil, any number of ways you’ve interpreted the world.

So how do you vaporize that accidental programming?

First, get honest with yo self…is it possible you skipped telling yourself it’s ok to want what you want?

Second, give yourself permission! Write it in a journal or record a voice note using one of these prompts:

“I have permission to…”
“I am worthy of…”
“I deserve…”
“I’m claiming my right to…”

And fill in the blank with your desired new normal. Better yet, tell ME in the comments what you are giving yourself permission for.

I’d love to support you in any way I can!

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