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Goals – love or hate them, here is a new way to look at them

By Lindsay Hindle | Emotion , Mind , Perspective Shift

Goals – love or hate them, here is a new way to look at them

Do you love setting goals or have a goal setting allergy? This time of year newsfeeds and email inboxes are flooded with messages and offers to help you set goals to achieve over the year.

Now, I typically see people divert into two camps – one camp LOVES goal setting and the other LOATHES it. And I want to you know that if you shriek at the term “goal setting” I understand, because that is the camp I used to live in as well.
Until I made a couple of mindset shifts I am going to share with you today.

So stick around, stay with me because what I want to share could help you expand your perspective just enough to get you feeling more courageous and empowered to dip your toe back into setting powerful “goals”.

Now if you DO happen to love goal setting, but are not happy with the degree to which you are showing up to meet those goals and you want a fresh approach, you want to ditch any habits standing in your way, then I do have something for you too at the end of this broadcast. So be sure to stay and find out what that is.

But please do me a favour, leave me a comment and let me know how you honestly feel about setting goals this time of year. What is your experience and tell me where you struggle the most.

Goal setting can feel intimidating and pressure filled am I right? Especially if in our experience we have a lot of self-disappointment in the past or stories of limitation that we are really used to telling ourselves.

I remember a few years back, I was absolutely defiant in the face of all the goal setting marketing I was seeing. To me, it just felt like an incredible pressure to achieve and measure myself by.

Have you ever felt that way? Well, what I discovered is that the word ‘goal’ can take on a very adopted meaning and it often comes along with a mindset that has us view achieving a goal as:
a measurement of our self worth and
as evidence “to love ourselves more” or “love ourselves less”

To you find that to be true?

This is where I found myself and I decided at that point, if the word ‘Goal” held so much of a negative association for me, then what I needed to do was to reframe it for awhile. Put it into my terms.

And you know what I reframed it as?

Enrichment Milestone

I decided I wasn’t going to set goals anymore, I was going to set enrichment milestones and with that reframe, adopt a new meaning and mindset with it.

The mindset I chose was not “Achieved” or “Didn’t achieve” but how much was my life enriched by working on the milestone?

And you know what happened with that brand new meaning and mindset I chose to create for myself?

I started to appreciate and honour my process of working on that milestone. Of being process-focused instead of outcome focused.

And you know what the crazy thing is? When I took the pressure off the outcome focus, and focused on enjoying and finding meaning in my process, those outcomes started happening regardless.

It all came down to adopting a practice and progress mindset, and that was a fundamental shift that allowed me finally come around to loving goal setting.

Now adopting that kind of mindset has a bit of work to it and I don’t have time to fully dive into that today, but what I do want to leave you with is a tool that you can use right now, which you can grab from my website called “The Affirm Yourself” cheatsheet and this will help get you started on the habit of reframing so that as you go to create some intentions (or enrichment milestones) this year, you have the positive inner self talk, the inner reframing to match. You can grab that cheatsheet here.


What most people get wrong about the power of manifestation

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Emotion , Mind , Persistence , Resilliency

What most people get wrong about the power of manifestation

It’s safe to say I didn’t roll out of bed one day with all my ‘awesome’ intact and create this container + community with the overnight precision of Extreme Home Makeover. I say that right out front because it seems so many (SO MANY) come to the experience of building their dream or accomplishing the next thing with some pretty conflicting rules about “HOW” it’s “SUPPOSED” to be done.

Here’s the thing: there is a time and place for life to resemble climbing a ladder or step-by-step forward action and there’s also a time and place for life, your experiences, your ideas to resemble a jigsaw puzzle, a winding road, or a stumble-tumble-free-for-all.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time affirming to people lately that they have permission for their dream to take ‘longer than they think it should’ or that they can even change their minds several times about what it looks like. And it’s why I’m starting to have beef with the way ‘manifestation’ is taught.

By now we’ve moved beyond the idea that simply thinking about what you want to achieve and attract to your life is not enough. That the intention must be followed up with concrete action. But what if concrete action doesn’t always look like linear, step-by-step’ action? Does it mean that anything other than pursuing that one intention is a side-track or deviation that harms your ability to achieve something great?

I don’t believe so.

Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate all the work being done to help people work with Law of Attraction and I use many of the principles myself. But sometimes we may not be aware of the expectations and rules we’re creating around how long something should take to manifest or how rigid we are in what we are willing to experiment with because it doesn’t ‘line up’ with exactly what we envision.

Let me ask…have you ever felt you were doing manifestation wrong? Have you ever felt anxiety over making a decision to do something or experience something because it didn’t align with your one intention well enough (even though a little voice said “do it!”)?

It’s a sign that maybe you need to add a little more permission into your life to go along with your laser focus. To me life is all about dynamic balance. I don’t hope to achieve any permanent state of balance, for example “I will always be confident and never let fear interfere with my action.”  Guess what? Fear is a part of life and I can’t always be confident right away in doing something new (but that is another blog post!). Instead, the closest point and what serves the best is to find your willingness to dance around the middle a bit. This is where creativity thrives – in the tension between two ends.

If you find yourself consistently and detrimentally on the end of too much flexibility, unfocused and undefined vision then it’s time to move towards the other end, towards having some purpose and practical action using the tools of manifestation. But if you find yourself handcuffed to a rigid picture of what your vision is SUPPOSED to look like and HOW its SUPPOSED to happen in such a way that your missing out on the beauty of allowing things to unfold in an agile way (taking in information/experiences as they arise), then you would benefit from moving away from being so controlled and so rigid towards and allow some more flexibility.

Where do you find yourself landing these days? Do you need more focus. precision, and strategic action to make your vision a reality or do you need to back off the tight control and allow life to serve you wisdom through the freedom of allowing yourself to be? Let me know in the comments.


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