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Radical Secret 2 of 5 Be A Finisher

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Emotion , Focus , Performance

So you’re highly sensitive or empathic, ambitious, and perfectionist-prone and you’re having trouble with getting your visionary work FULLY MANIFESTED in the world?

You’re not alone!

I see this all the time and frankly, it’s so sad to see beautiful soul-led people with so much to give the world all busy DOUBTING themselves, meanwhile people with nothing but nasty intentions have absolutely NO DOUBTS and lots of confidence to go about their dirty work.

Well that stops now, beautiful, with BE A FINISHER SECRET #2, which is RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Radical self-acceptance – appreciating yourself for everything that you are – is key to being somebody who can focus and follow through and take their dreams and manifest them fully and tangibly in the world and enjoy them, enjoy the process of creating them, enjoy the outcomes.

What does radical self acceptance mean? And why is it especially SO IMPORTANT for perfectionists? I’m going to tell you!

Radical acceptance means telling yourself and believing:

“No matter what I do, no matter what this looks like, no matter how I show up today, no matter what gets produced or doesn’t get produced today, I love and accept myself in every shape or form that I am in.”

One of the reasons why we need radical acceptance if we’re a perfectionist is because our brain, our neuropathways in our mind are really, really, really efficient at doing the Should Shame combo. 

The Should Shame combo in perfectionists is highly, highly developed.

It’s also highly destructive and demotivating because your inner talk is always circling around:

“I should be this. I should be that I shouldn’t be so empathic. I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I should be more organized. I should have done this better…”

Followed by deep shame of everything that you’re not or “never” will be.

It goes on and on!

You can have all the ambition in the world, be very creative and be in love with your vision.

But when you still have this perfectionism and you’re lacking the radical self acceptance what’s going to happen is  friction all the time

And that gets tiring when you’re only relying on your ambition to keep you moving forward, we need this beautiful, self-compassion this beautiful acceptance there to help us lighten the load.

More importantly, shame, and guilt are like so low on the vibratory scale, right? And when it comes to being a powerful manifestor,  we need to be high vibe with appreciation. compassion and gratitude.

In order to manifest the abundance that you want and in order to manifest the impact in the world that you want, you have to hold these high vibrations in your energy (within your deepest self).

The key to get there, without it feeling inauthentic, without forcing, without it feeling like “high vibe” is not true to you…

…well the path to get there is with radical self acceptance.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we’re going to continue with secret number three. 

And in the meantime, one of the things that really helps with understanding why you’re stuck and how to get less overwhelmed and how to move forward is to know exactly where your confidence and focus blocks are.

And so that’s why I developed a quiz that you can take as a little personality quiz, because we want to be able to zero in on the tools that are going to solve exactly the confidence and focus issue that you’re struggling with most. 

And for most people, it’s either their systems, their organization, how they show up with everything they have to do on their, to do list, 

or it’s like a real kind of self esteem, self doubt, kind of core confidence issue that is stopping you from really taking action. 

You want to find out which one you are with my confidence quiz, so that you can get matched with a custom toolkit that’s going to address that specific issue for you and help you move forward. 

So feel free to go and take that CONFIDENCE PERSONA quiz by clicking here now.

And I will see you back tomorrow for secret number three. 


Radical Secret 1 of 5 To Be A Finisher

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Emotion , Focus , Mind , Performance

Be a Finisher series is all about giving you radical secrets to help move you into finishing what you start, stop procrastinating and get into confident, focused action. You can read or watch the series if you prefer.

The secret that I’m going to share today, and every secret I’m going to share from Monday through Friday, felt radical to me initially when I started to apply it to my life.

But the benefit when I did was that I moved out of my procrastinating ways, my hesitation, and really moved into a new way of being, of flowing with life, really getting into momentum, and really holding myself accountable to my own dreams and being the designer of my life and my business.

So, are you guys ready for secret number one?

Radical secret number one is radical self-responsibility.

This phrase changed my life:  You are 100% responsible for everything in your life and not in your life.

(Click here to watch this same message if you’re a fan of video)

When I heard this phrase, my initial reaction was like, oh no. Don’t even try and tell me that. Like my first initial reaction was, that is crazy. Especially being a systems thinker, a systemic thinker, knowing about a lot of how things are interweaved in the world. I was like, no. That’s not right. Blah, blah. Okay? So, my initial resistance was push it away.

But, when I asked myself, well, what if? What if I applied this to my life? I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life and not in my life. What would happen?

Because really what do you lose?

What do you lose when you say I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life and not in my life and you start to move in the world in that way? You only have to find out. Right?

So, what did I find out when I applied this?

Let me give you an example…

When I bumped up against someone who I felt was being unsupportive of my dream, and I asked that question like, okay, this person is showing up in my life saying things in a way that I don’t feel supported by, I feel demotivated by. And what I really want is this person to support me. And, when I looked at it through this lens, I’m 100% responsible for this person being in my life and supporting me, what did that mean?

That meant that I had to take responsibility for telling them what I needed.

Yeah. I had to take responsibility for telling them what I needed to hear, how I felt supported or not.

Because, guess what? That person didn’t know.

That person didn’t know what words of affirmation to give me. They didn’t know that what they were saying in my field of interpretation, how I was interpreting it felt demotivating.

So, guess what? I took responsibility to say, hey, you know what?

When you say these things, this is how I take them. And, even though I know I’m interpreting them this way, what I really appreciate from you, I know you want to support me.

How I feel best supported is when you say X, Y, Z, or when you do X, Y, Z.

So, do you see how I moved into a position of taking responsibility for that relationship?

And I could have spent eternity just being completely upset and being like, okay, you know what? I’m just going to cut this person out of my life because they’re toxic, blah, blah, blah. Right? Well, sometimes you can’t do that, especially if that person is a family member and especially if you like that person. Right? You just don’t like how they’re talking to you or supporting you.

“I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life and not in my life” allowed me to step into greater ownership of designing that relationship with person. And you know what happened?

They rose to the occasion.

Let’s talk about another example from the field and the viewpoint of manifestation.

Those who are really open to the ideas of manifestation, one of the beliefs is that the universe is here to support us and that we can ask the universe to help us, to bring us things that serve our highest good.

Now, when you say I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life and not in my life, guess what?

It is your responsibility to ask the universe to help you serve your highest good, to bring you things that will unblock you, solve something, open your eyes, open opportunities.

Because without asking, how do we receive? Without asking, without saying and actually using ourselves as a tool of communication with the universe and taking responsibility for that, ask and taking responsibility for that receiving, if we don’t do that, we stop that flow. Okay? So, I can ask the universe to send me things.

When you think of all the times you may have unconsciously asked the universe for help, what showed up?

We often forget that we can ask. I even do this too.

So, as a very ambitious, focused person now, I have to keep a balance. I know that I am 100% the director of my life. And, at the same time, I know that I am in partnership with the universe and I’m responsible for that partnership, which means asking and receiving and not just doing and planning all on my own!

So, this is an interesting kind of twist. Right? It’s a radical kind of concept that, even though the universe supports you, you are still responsible for navigating and activating that relationship.

So, you get to ask the universe to send you things.

If you’re bumping up against, let’s say, a health issue, you’re bumping up against a health issue and you have tried so many different practitioners, so many different ways to try and heal yourself, and it’s just still not happening, you can ask the universe to send you, send you the healers that are there for your highest good.

Ask the universe to send you what or who, give you a sign that leads you into our full, abundant health.

And, by asking and taking ownership of that, taking responsibility for asking, you will draw to you.

The universe will deliver the next step. It might not be the complete step, but it could be like the right step for you to the next step, to the next step, or the person, to this person, to this person.

That has happened multiple times in my life.

Asking the universe to send me mentors, to lead me and guide me to the next step, the next person who can help me fully open up and expand my spirituality, my spiritual side. So, this works beautifully.

So, you guys, the phrase, I am 100% responsible for everything in my life and not in my life, this is radical self-responsibility.

This is secret number one to being a finisher.

Radical self-responsibility is not necessarily easy, but it can be so rewarding when you take this position and you start to use this question in your life on a day to day basis.

Now, tomorrow I am going to talk about something that is going to help this feel a little bit softer because, guess what?

I know I’m talking to perfectionist prone, ambitious, heart led humans who have a big vision of like saving the world sometimes.

And sometimes we’re prone to making EVERYTHING and EVERYONE ELSE our responsibility too, in a huge big overwhelming way.

Us perfectionists also tend to self-sabotage with self-criticism when we don’t meet our crazy high standards. So taking 100% self-responsibility can easily end up feeling burdensome and like you’re never doing enough!

Well, tomorrow’s Be A Fisher Secret Number 2 is going to help with that. So be sure to watch the livestream at 8:00am PDT on my Five Sights Co Facebook page by clicking here or checking out the next blog post!

xxx ooo


you may be a big feeler

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Emotion , Persistence

Hey beautiful human. Have you ever got the impression from others or actually been told that you’re weak, need to stop caring so much, or that you’re too emotional for your own good?

Maybe you “think too much” or catch yourself feeling really anxious all the time and because you’re often DRAINED, this all seems like “proof” that you’re just not cut out for doing badass things in life like building a business, sitting in the executives’ chair, or leading a conscious movement.

But what if there’s another explanation besides just settling for being “different”, “weird”, less capable of handling the world, or even mentally unwell?

What I’m about to explain below are three unique human designs that about 20% of the population have. When I discovered that I have a ratio of all three, it was LIFE CHANGING! Suddenly, the light bulb went off and I began to embrace a whole new kind of freedom and power. Now it’s your turn!

Big Feeler

A big feeler is someone who feels their own emotions deeply. Whatever they feel is big, whether it is joy, love, compassion or it’s sadness, anger or frustration. People like this tend to find great comfort in creative arts like writing, music, poetry, and theatre as an outlet for these intense feelings. Big feelers may or may not have the ability to pick up on other people’s energy, feelings in a room, or collective energy like highly sensitive’s and empaths do.

Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person feels their emotions deeply, but also picks up information from everything around them. Sights, smells, sounds, tastes, tactile stimulation all feels much more intense than the average person. Very often highly sensitive people can feel the emotional qualities or energy of other people (although don’t necessarily absorb it or experience it like empaths do). Highly sensitive people are deeply intuitive and perceptive of everything and everyone around them. They may get tired easily, need to retreat or have lots of alone time in order to feel balanced. Find out your HSP score (how high your sensitivity is) with Elaine Aron’s quiz.


An empath is someone who feels their emotions deeply and also feels or experiences the feelings of others as if they were their own or were experiencing them themselves. Someone who is empathic can often times pick up on feelings or sensations telepathically or be affected by what’s called ‘collective energy’ (the collective emotions/energy/vibration of all humans on the planet).

Do any of these descriptions fit you?

Life can feel pretty challenging if you think you’re odd for being so sensitive, if stressful situations really get to you, or you know you have an intuitive or empathic gift that you keep shutting down.

In fact, many beautiful humans like yourself avoid doing what they want in their career, stepping into leadership, or pursuing their own business because they don’t believe they can handle it.

In fact, one look at all the books about empaths in the Amazon bookstore (which are all SURVIVAL books 🙄) and it’s not hard to see how less-than-ideal beliefs have been imprinted on you by society and then re-inforced by your own experience.

But here is the truth:

Deep feelers, highly sensitives and empaths can do more than just SURVIVE.

WE CAN BE THRIVING LEADERS, CREATORS AND SACRED ENTERPRISE BUILDERS AND ENJOY FREEDOM AND IMPACT if we know how to leverage our special human design and feel deeply cared for.

The trick is that we have to step outside of the well-worn lanes that have been carved by people who do NOT share our qualities and gifts. We have to be part of communities of care that honour and respect who we are at our core AND help us strive to activate our highest self.

That’s exactly what we’re up to and who you will find inside of #THEBRAVERYLAB community on Facebook . We’ve declared 2020 to be “Year Of The Deep Feeler” and we’re gathering the forces of gentle warriors around the world!

So click here and join this special community and start harnessing your power in a new positive way : )

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