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The ONE ingredient every successful person has

By Lindsay Hindle | Mind , Performance , Perspective Shift

Have you ever made a recipe and skipped an ingredient (or two) casually assuring yourself “It’s no big deal”, only to have it turn into a mess even your neighbour’s goat wouldn’t eat?

I know what you’re thinking…who lives next to goats?!

If your ideal life includes a purposeful career or biz, you *might* need things like:

  • the courses that help you build skills
  • the camera and equipment for the ‘perfect’ livestreams
  • the head-to-toe crystals for health, prosperity or fame

But the FIRST ingredient you need is…


Granted BY YOU, FOR YOURSELF, to allow yourself to want what you want.

Because without it you know what happens?

Shrinking and hiding.
Deciding then backtracking.
“I need X and then I can have or I’ll be ready for Y.”
Half-way starting.

That type of thing.

You could be holding back on the things you really want and not even see it. For example:

You might want to hire a personal trainer. Seems reasonable to get an expert to help you train in the best way possible. You even tell your best friend you’re going to hire a trainer.

And then you don’t.

Why didn’t you follow-through? Because somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain a belief was lurking:

“We’re not allowed to want to be happy and powerful.”

Fit (the outcome to training) = happy + powerful

Could be a million reasons why your brain tells you that; messages from Mom & Dad, the culture you grew up in, examples of nasty powerful people that make power seem evil, any number of ways you’ve interpreted the world.

So how do you vaporize that accidental programming?

First, get honest with yo self…is it possible you skipped telling yourself it’s ok to want what you want?

Second, give yourself permission! Write it in a journal or record a voice note using one of these prompts:

“I have permission to…”
“I am worthy of…”
“I deserve…”
“I’m claiming my right to…”

And fill in the blank with your desired new normal. Better yet, tell ME in the comments what you are giving yourself permission for.

I’d love to support you in any way I can!

P.S If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve discovered your Confidence Persona This three-minute quiz will help match you with a confidence-building toolkit based on your gaps. Take the quiz now.

The truth about succeeding in biz (or life) as a sensitive person

By Lindsay Hindle | Emotion , Performance , Perspective Shift , Resilliency

2020 was supposed to be the year you manifested great things, like growing your freedom & impact biz, snagging a new position at work, or the love of your life.

You thought you had it together. You’re no stranger to affirmations, meditations, books, strategic plans, “proven” tactics from the “top experts”, and you’re down with crystals “like woah.”

You had a few small wins early in the year…AND THEN…the current global situation has sent you into a spin cycle.  Other people seem to be riding the waves just fine in their biz and life, but not you : (

So now you’re searching for WHAT you’re doing wrong so you can fix it and get it right STAT!

Well dear one, it’s not about WHAT you are DOING wrong. Nope. In fact, you are probably doing things just right.

The trouble isn’t DOING, it’s how WRONG YOU FEEL FEELING.

It’s hard to go right when you’re “wronging” your feelings

What do I mean by that? Let’s dive in with an example…what are you feeling right now about yourself and the state of your dreams?

Are you feeling frustrated, demoralized or afraid you’re not good enough?Now, what are you feeling about having those feelings?

Is there a little voice saying:

  • you have no right to feel so sorry for yourself?
  • you’re weak for feeling so sensitive or emotional?
  • you’re crushing your “manifesting” ability if you let yourself feel negative for even half a second?

THAT convo in your head is what I call emotional back talk.It’s been sabotaging you from the start.

Gratitude for big feelings – the missing step BEFORE positive affirmations will work

Emotional back talk is a result of growing up in a culture that doesn’t teach us how to honour our emotional selves or give us tools to leverage this part of our genius, especially in business!


Sadly, many women and the majority of men are divorced from their emotional genius and denied their true nature as FEELING BEINGS.

And even people who know and accept that they are a highly sensitive person or empathic (which you can read about here), they are still missing tools and strategies to make life easy and beautiful as an intensely emotional person.

To succeed in life and business AUTHENTICALLY YOU, you need to learn how to start working with ALL of your feelings as power. And the tips I’m giving you below are a great start.


Give Your Whole Self Respect

Law of Attraction teaches ONLY focus on the ‘positive’ or ‘high vibration’ feelings. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself or freak out when you DON’T feel that way.

They say what you focus on expands, but guess what? What you resist persists!!!

When you allow yourself to feel ALL your feelings, you’re giving yourself healthy respect – not RUINING your vibration or manifesting ability. Because if you keep criticizing yourself for the way you feel, all you’re doing is feeding THE INNER CRITIC (the exact opposite of what you want!)

When you can have CONFIDENCE in your deep feeling capacity as a gift, treating it like a genius that enhances everything you do you will find deeper peace with yourself, feel truly aligned, have deeper relationships, and finally start getting REAL results with Law of Attraction and manifesting practices.

Want to rapidly upgrade your confidence & focus as a highly sensitive/empathic human so you can manifest impact and abundance through your purpose-led career or business?

You’re just steps away from a rapid confidence upgrade when you take my Confidence Persona Quiz!

First, you need to discover exactly which confidence issue you have, because not everyone needs to start from the same place! 💜 Find out your confidence persona in 2 minutes here 👉


Why You’re At War With Expectations, Part 1

By Lindsay Hindle | Emotion , Focus , Mind , Performance , Perspective Shift

If you’re going to lead your business, career, family, art, health revolution, etc. pretty much anything that means anything to you…

You might find yourself struggling with setting and meeting expectations of yourself and others. 

There are three major things you need to grasp in order to be at peace with expectations:

1. Self understanding of your personality  
2. Setting realistic expectations 
3. Applying the right Self love (I identify 2 types) to the right situation when you see yourself “failing” to meet expectations 

Today I’m sharing a powerful tool you can use to help identify your personality so you get the critical insight to stop blaming, shaming, or any other ‘aming’ that’s going on and start to leverage who you are.

It’s from a personality framework called The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin.

A simple question “How do you respond to expectations” led Gretchen into a path of research, ultimately producing an excellent assessment and book called The Four Tendencies. Very quickly they are:

1. Upholders respond readily to both outer and inner expectations
2. Questioners readily respond to inner expectations only
3. Obligers respond readily to outer expectations (and struggle to meet inner ones)
4. Rebels resist all expectations, outer and inner alike

Using this test with clients has been extremely helpful for me to get an understanding of how best to work with them – you can access the test here and find out which tendency you are!

Knowing your tendency is helpful as you may already be reflecting on how you met your goals this year with the golden question:

Did I accomplish or move the needle on what I most wanted, in a way that felt good? Why or why not?

Once you take the test, I would absolutely love it if you go reply inside The Bravery Lab and let me know which tendency you are and what your thoughts/feelings are about it.
Not part of my online tribe of aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs & creatives? Then by all means come join us here.
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