Imagine committing 100% to your path in business or career, deeply confident in all that you are.

Imagine feeling strong, balanced, trusting and flowing with life so you always know where to step next.

Imagine shutting off the noise of "you're not enough" so you finally feel home in your true self and show up unapologetic to create an abundant and freedom-filled life. 

Imagine letting yourself be seen for who you are, with no fear of pleasing or being accepted by others.

Imagine shining the light of your being in the world, fully owning your powerful gifts, and directing your life with clear & courageous purpose - no matter what.

This is possible when you are deeply rooted in honour of who you are. You get to:

Be Unshakeable

Let me tell you how

Embody a new way of being

The secret to creating an abundant life and business as a big feeler, highly sensitive person or empath is to work with your power and emotional energy from a grounded centre of strength, calm and resilience.

The limitation of mindset work is that you can read unlimited books and say as many affirmations as you like without ever actually EXPERIENCING the states of trust, self-belief, calm, power, or peace that your business growth & leadership needs.

Imagine juggling demands, making mistakes, being seen, voicing your opinions & beliefs and more - while maintaining inward and outward calm that is CONGRUENT, AUTHENTIC and not faked for the sake of others.

By the end of 12 weeks in Unshakeable You™️,  you will feel a sense of inner strength, flow and calm you never knew was available to you. And you'll also possess the key to embody these states whenever you wish.

You will come into a new experience of yourself as a powerful being and embrace your gift of "deep feeling" in a life-affirming way that will allow you to lead at greater levels of impact, build a thriving business, and stay balanced among all your responsibilities of life.

You'll finally experience the freedom, confidence, strength and trust in yourself you deeply crave to feel.

How does it happen?

Unshakeable You™️ is a guided group coaching program that raises your vibration on a cellular level. It's been carefully crafted to help you access your inner power from your WHOLE self physically, emotionally, spiritually, inter-connectedly, and mentally.

We'll be convening bi-weekly online, integrating divinely inspired practices and transformative tools that include using the power of music for psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits.

There are four phases spread over twelve weeks where you'll learn how to embody states of courage, confidence, strength and calm to support your daily actions towards your precious goals.

Through daily ritual you'll raise your energetic vibration to become magnetic and powerfully present in your business and life, attracting abundance in every area.

Phase 1 - You're Enough

You already have clarity around your passion (whew!) and you're in love with your big ambitious dreams (yay!) - but do you believe on a cellular level that you are enough?

This is where you establish unshakeable grit & gratitude for who you are, why you're here and what you are doing this world. When challenges come knocking, you'll be more than ready to go with the flow and nothing will knock you down.

You in your enoughness will be unshakeable.

Phase 2 - All That You Are

There is no other person to be except for you. Your leadership is unique and it's time to own all that you are; the good, the "bad" (we'll reframe it), and the quirky. 

Flowing with life and letting yourself evolve for your highest good is about allowing "what is" while also calling on your best self to lead.

This is where you fall in love with your whole self. You'll know exactly how to find your centre of power and bring out the best of who you are to live, lead and love in the moments that matter.

You in your wholeness will be unshakeable.

Phase 3 - Right Now

Ever struggle to get into action? Do you hesitate or procrastinate on things large and small? 

When you know how to call on your most powerful self to show up and take charge you drop the struggle with perfectionism, fear, unwillingness, or lack mentality.

Even if you're a regular procrastinator, get disorganized, scattered or loose focus easily, this is where you become 100% boss with being intentional.

You in your action will be unshakeable.

Phase 4 - Your Power Song

Having worked with three of my own original songs over the previous weeks, it's now time for you to create a 'power-hymn' of your own that will be at the centre of your own inner fire.

With my support to guide you, take delight in the creativity it unleashes and the powerful transformation that comes through by owning your own expression.

By the end of this phase you will have opened the tap to your soulful creative energy.

If you've ever had trouble speaking in public or sharing your message, the fears will be long gone, replaced with only a sense of deep gratitude, self-worth and strength to stand centre stage.

You in your youness will be unshakeable.

Click play below to sample some of the potent songs you will be using:

What people say...


Tammy Nicholas Mindset Mentor


"When I joined Unshakeable You it was because I wanted to start my business, to get my website running, to have the self confidence to put myself out there as an energy healer. I feared judgement and had a huge fear of failure, my perfectionism was a major burden - I was so afraid of not being good enough.

If I hadn't done this program with Lindsay I would still be trapped in the fear, sadness and guilt of being less than perfect. But instead, with Unshakeable You, I learned to love and trust myself. I launched my facebook page. I got over my fear of being not good enough and had a most amazing time assisting at a bio-energy healing course. I will be co-teaching bio-energy in May 2019. If you're considering doing this program, I would tell you that it is worth every penny. Lindsay is so insightful, supportive, and amazing. She guided me just enough and then held space for me to find my own answers. And she really cares.

Cindy Chan Bio-Energy Specialist


Nina MuncholfEntrepreneur

About Lindsay

If you've read all the books, done all the courses and even worked with mentors but never felt like they helped you move from "understanding things intellectually" to an embodied experience of loving yourself, you've probably never come across someone who knows deep feeling, highly sensitive, empathic humans as well as Lindsay.

She knows because she is all three and what makes her different than all the rest is her unique approach to working with humans who need a unique approach!

When you're highly ambitious and highly sensitive it's easy to get lost inside all your ideas, feelings, and full life and feel overwhelmed. You might feel inclined to give up before you start or play much smaller than what you're capable of.

Lindsay has the right combinations of qualities and life experiences as a long-time entrepreneur and spiritual student to help you clarify your dreams, open your creativity and follow-through confidently with your goals.

Is This Program Right For You?

Who this IS for

  • You're tired of hiding your true self from the world, conforming to expectations or stories of "how to be" than don't fit you
  • You know you're capable of more and you're ready to write a new chapter of your story
  • You're ready to let go of perfectionism, procrastination, and low self-worth and embrace your most powerful self
  • You are ready to experiment with an embodied practice and be a student of "allowing what wants to come through you" as being the answers you seek
  • You're willing to trust the process and be held in a compassionate container of witnessing

Who this IS not for

  • People who feel uncomfortable discussing their emotions, spirituality, and being open and honest with struggles
  • People who see in black and white or who have no interest in being curious and exploring their inner world
  • People who are unwilling to try new things or dislike being coached
  • People who are determined to hang onto their victim story and reject taking responsibility for their life

​What's included?

  •  8 Live Group Coaching Calls over 12 weeks
  • Members Only Area with materials & downloads
  • Supporting Essential Oils for deep emotional support
    Email & Text Support
  • Lifetime access to the course (all future updates)
  • Optional VIP upgrade to work privately
  • Monthly payment plan available


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