Abundance Audit

Did you know the word "audit" comes from the Latin word "audire" which means "to hear"?

Think of this 30 minute session like a call and response song between two musicians playing back and forth.

As you share your words and energy with me through conversation & some assessment tools, I will listen deeply with my ears and intuition, picking up key information about your own unique codes (steps) to abundance.

With this insight, you have the chance to be empowered to make changes to how you relate to money and the other 4 resources of abundance: time, love, creativity, and the infinite unknown potential.

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Mer Clark

Reiki Practitioner

Working with Lindsay really helped me out in my reiki business. Prior to I was unsure of myself and scared of being visible online. She helped me to shift into a better mindset by tapping into limiting beliefs, some I had held since childhood.

Jenn Blakely

Massage Therapist

I absolutely recommend Five Sights Co! Lindsay is always so inspiring and inspirational. My mindset has changed, my soul is more open, and I am open to receive more abundance in life I am able to share more of myself and receive more.


Coach & Podcaster

I had been developing a lot of stress and pressure before I reached out to Lindsay. She was so present with me, I felt heard and felt so comfortable and relaxed with her. After the session I felt amazing, definitely looking forward to working more with her.

Catherine S


I worked with Lindsay on money blocks.I realized there was so much fear about being successful and these things that I thought would happen. Sometimes you really can't access it by yourself. You need that other person to guide you.


About Lindsay

Lindsay is an internationally recognized breakthrough coach for heart-led leaders.

Certified in EFT Tapping with trauma awareness, neurodivergence awareness and anti-racism training, Lindsay is high integrity coach able to help her clients respond to complex challenges and move forward in powerful ways.

For over five years Lindsay has been helping individuals strip away layers of subconscious programming that has held them back from enjoying their life or business to the fullest. 

After spending most of her life operating as the "Dutiful Daughter" and building several careers and businesses against the wrong walls to finally end up in severe postpartum depression and rock bottom, 

Lindsay now helps people unleash from their "Learned Self" (the roles or masks they've worn to please others) and helps them re-connect to their Core Abundant Self which is the seat of their authentic creator power.

From here individuals go on to create epically aligned results in their businesses and lives, make more money than they dreamed possible, and live out their ideal version of freedom & success.