be a CLIENT magnet & explode your impact, sales & bank account

For the determined heart-forward business owner who wants to be the go-to coach, consultant, or healer impacting as many lives as possible while creating the wealth they deserve. 

πŸ‘‰But Many Heart Based Biz Owners Face an Uphill Battle in a noisy crowded marketplace


Selling Feels Icky

You sweat, you stumble, you talk about the weather instead of asking for people to invest or buy from you

Time Evaporates

You're living on social media and it isn't driving "I'm interested!" DMs  or sales calls booked

Tried Bad Advice

Others biz strategies and tactics seem like the key, but they wear you down, feel off or just don't work in your biz

If you haven't converted at least 15 followers into customers/clients in the last 3 months or you've been unsatisfied with your biz income for 6 months or more,

you're probably stuck in the Sensitive Compensation Cycle

When is this going to start working?!!

In the early years of my business I was fixated on "the right" marketing strategy being the only thing standing in my way. I was always starting and stopping one strategy or another. I kept throwing ALL my money at programs and coaches to teach me their "foolproof" shortcuts.

I collected semi-interested followers and a handful of clients, giving myself away at basement-bargain prices, while feeling more LOST everyday in all the conflicting advice

The real kicker came when I sought feedback from someone who watched my free training, but didn't buy. She said I came off scripted and stilted, like I was trying really hard and I just didn't seem natural.

That's when it hit me. She was right. I didn't feel natural, nor was I putting out trainings & programs that felt FULLY me either!

I was stuck in the Sensitive Compensation Cycle because I wasn't owning my value, magic, and authenticity yet.

If you're doing what I did, then you may also be stuck in this cycle and its costing you time, money and stress from tactics you've tried that didn't work.

Your business is feeling heavy, you're up nights worrying, losing confidence, and feel angry or ashamed with yourself because you've always been a high achiever, had previous success in a career or business, and deep down truly feel like a leader, BUT this is NOT the kind of success you envisaged!!


Because of the massive amounts of information and competing advice in the marketplace telling you how to build your business the fastest way, it is VERY easy to become stuck in the Sensitive Compensation Cycle. There are areas of ourselves and our business that we have not slowed down to look at and most often the reason you're stuck in the cycle has something to do with a disconnect between your value, magic, expertise, and authenticity coming through clearly.

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WIN with your IMPACT

One Breakthrough Session Can Change Everything

All those coaches, consultants and healers, standing out, calling in their dream clients, and killing it in their biz, want to know how they do it?


It's not because they're using the world's ONLY perfect marketing strategy, like "THE ONE" you've been searching for.

Their "secret" is being 100% unapologetic in who they are and what they offer.

Because being your most authentic, fully expressed self is a magnet for sales.

But as a sensitive person, being out front owning your magic and making an offer or asking for the sale doesn't come easily or naturally.

  • you probably overthink what you say (even in client calls),
  •  carefully manage how you show up online (or avoid being seen all together)
  • worry about coming off too pushy or salesy.

You're in your head and all this πŸ‘† is getting in your way of attracting perfect clients, making sales and growing your bank account.

But that's about to change.

With The Unleashed Intensive, I'll help you start getting out of the Sensitive Compensation Cycle by unlocking your unique Sell Factor so you can attract soulmate clients and make more money without icky marketing tactics, or feeling like a sleazy salesperson, or without imposter syndrome holding you back.

The Unleashed Intensive Is The Way to Break Free

Imagine freeing yourself from the grind of pushing your business forward  all from a single diagnostic session you can complete with me in just 90 minutes.

Imagine standing out from the crowd and having your best launch EVER this fall because you're clear on your unique value and grounded in the magic you bring.

Imagine no longer losing sleep over the "perfect right way" to grow you business, because I help you see surprising connections you were missing about YOUR unique keys to success.

Imagine becoming a magnet for aligned clients and sales without exhausting campaigns, spending all your time on social media or feeling like an icky salesperson

THIS is what's possible when you show up fully, authentically you, owning your magic.

All we need to do is uncover what's holding YOU back from coming through with power!

πŸ‘‰ It has nothing to do with how introverted or extroverted you are

πŸ‘‰It has nothing to do with needing to be louder, or willing to shake your dance moves on video, or put your integrity aside and become a pushy salesperson

πŸ‘‰It was nothing to do with having the perfect video scripts, sales scripts, foolproof templates and more - because if it did, you wouldn't be here looking for the solution to your block!

In this breakthrough session we will:

  • Have a deep dive conversation and review of your biz over Zoom to identify the underlying issues that have hindered ALL your marketing strategies so you stop the cycle of disappointing results
  • Uncover how to unleash your unique value and special angles that help you stand out in a crowded market so that your perfect-for-you clients are drawn like magnets to metal
  • Help you show up fuller in substance & service to your existing and new clients  without more effort so they buy on repeat and you develop a bigger, steady flow of income
  • Identify any deep seated subconscious blocks (like fear of failure or success, money mindset, imposter syndrome) that have been causing you to get stuck in the Sensitive Compensation Cycle so that you reach that goal you really want FASTER

What happens when you get unleashed

Brinie is a marketing and business mentor for time poor busy women running passion fuelled businesses. During her Unleashed Intensive we cracked open what was REALLY getting in her way of selling out her programs. Afterwards, she went from zero DM's to her DM's blowing up and a launch like no other when she stepped into what she called "Full Brinie Mode."

" I realized there was so much fear about being successful and these things I thought would happen or undesireable outcomes or things that would go bad. As we worked together we chipped away all these layers. After working with Lindsay so many things opened up for me where I was able to trust myself. Trust my intuition. And I started booking more clients. 3 out of 4 calls became clients (never happened before) and a video I had went viral on TikTok sending multiple new clients my way."

Catherine Stephens

Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

Ready to become a client magnet and explode your sales, impact & bank account? 

Hi there

If you don't know me, I'm Lindsay Hindle.

As a Breakthrough Coach for heart-led business owners, I help people solve urgent, painful, expensive problems that my clients are stuck and struggling with and don't know how to matter how many things they have tried.

I help people go from hiding to fiercely owning their magic so they get seen, get more paying clients, sell out coaching packages and impact lives in a positive way.

After years of pushing before I broke through, I know the frustration of being locked into a lukewarm business. I also made the mistake of reaching for EVERY marketing strategy that came my way, until I business wasn't lacking strategies - it was lacking the real ME behind them. 

Now it's your turn to escape the Sensitive Compensation Cycle, put heaviness behind you and get the FULL you out there, without all the stress. It's time for your natural Sensitive Sell Factor to be on FULL blast and see the results in your bank account!


Selling more and making more money isn't about waiting for people to come to you. It's not about being perfect, having the perfect thing to say or having the perfect strategy or business know how. 

The truth is there are only a few things you need to do. But the way in which you need to be doing them is being authentically you and owning your magic.

When you do, this happens...

  • Sell Authentically With Ease
  • Feel calm & confident in your abilities
  • Have real life case studies of people you help
  • Fulfill your purpose & heart calling of impacting lives


How Long Is The Session?

The session usually lasts for 90 - 115 minutes

How is the session delivered?

We meet online over Zoom so that you can participate anywhere in the world

Who is this for?

This session is for people in who are already active building their business and have been doing marketing and business activities for at least 1 year.

What Happens When I Book?

This is a paid session for $222. When you click the button you will be asked to enter your payment information and then taken to a booking page where you will select your time that fits your schedule. After that, you will receive emails from me including a small questionnaire to fill in before our session. 

Is This a Free Call?

This is not a free call. This is a high value, rapid transformation session for only $222 so that we can help you solve your urgent, painful, expensive problems that you are stuck struggling with and don't know how to solve, no matter how many things you've tried. 

When does this session take place?

You are asked to pay in advance, but this session can take place at your convenience anytime between now and September 30. The special rate of $222 will only be available this fall as a back to school special, so don't miss out.

What If I Have More Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the Unleashed Intensive. Please send me a DM on Instagram @fivesightsco or send me an email. If you don't know my email, use the CONTACT linked in the footer below.