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Highly sensitive + ambitious? You're in the right place!

Hi, I'm Lindsay! Conscious Abundance Coach & Manifesting Mentor. I'm here to help sensitive souls like you:

Alchemize the "burden" of sensitivity & empathood into power so you can be your most vibrant, radiant, intuitive self.

Activate your Abundance Identity so you can say "bye" to self-sabotage and manifest the highest levels of happiness, impact and income in your career or biz.

Uplevel your biz creation with my approach to Abundance Alchemy that roots you in respect for YOUR uniqueness, YOUR medicine, and YOUR creative sacred enterprise.

Lead bravely soul-driven, consciously empowered lives & businesses so that, together, we can create a more equitable, loving, innovative, prosperous, and sustainable planet for all. 

START here: Abundant peace...

Settle your strong emotions and raise your vibration out of fear so you can shine your unique light in the world with confidence.

Get my free "Peace & Surety Guided Meditation" and spend 10 sacred minutes caring for your highly sensitive or empathic soul!

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My methods are rooted in helping you SEE with new sight just how abundantly powerful you really are

a tool that can learn, adapt, and be directed in any way to create magical things

a vessel and ally in your quest to live your most meaningful life

an endless well of awe, wonder, play, love and wisdom 

a vast superpower and feedback system at our fingertips

a majestic interplay of giving and receiving love, energy & insight

Be more of who you really are.

Five Sights Co. is spearheaded by founder Lindsay Hindle