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I help empathic business owners step into more authority energy & authentic magnetism so your soulmate clients see you as the answer & buy instantly!

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How To Raise Your Frequency To Manifest More Impact & Income

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Its time to own your authority, unleash your full authentic self into your biz so clients see you as the answer and buy instantly.

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Take your soul purpose business to next level impact & income. Be the Divine Disruptor you've always wanted to be!

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Ready to feel your full power? I use EFT/Tapping to help you release the past and step into joy, love, confidence & spiritual depth.

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Do you believe empathic leaders deserve to be wealthy, influential, and powerful? I do! This belief is at the heart of my values, mission and body of work. I believe we are the change the world needs and it's time to step into FULL ownership of our gifts, value, voice, and money!


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Praise and Testimonials

Lindsay's course is totally worth it. I believe it may have actually saved my life. I did not expect to be able to work through so many blocks in just a few weeks. I can have what I want with success and have a great life!

Jenn Blakely Massage Therapist

I received the support to be curious enough to face my fears of succeeding. Now I’m growing a business that not only uses all my talents, it supports my sense of fulfillment and feeling complete

Wanda Huntington Author, Healer & Coach

The greatest blessing has been crossing paths with you and beginning an EPIC journey. The insight & empowerment you bring to those of us with special needs is truly miraculous.

Lauren Berley Artist & Facilitator


How To Raise Your Frequency To Manifest More Impact & Income

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