Number one is you’ve never had money. So let’s say you grew up in a really struggling household and you’ve always struggled having money. And so shame can emanate from just that fact of growing

The 7 Faces Of Money Shame

There’s insight that changes lives and insight that changes businesses… If you are a deep feely, heart-led person struggling to make more impact, sales, and money in your biz and wonder why you both want

5 Reasons Sensitives Struggle To Be Their Most Authentic Self & Cap Their Biz As A Result

You’re here because you’re on your awakening journey. You may even be building a coaching or healing business or leading yourself in a career pivot because of that journey! It’s an exciting time to be

An inside look at what abundance sounds & feels like

Hey beautiful human. Have you ever got the impression from others or actually been told that you’re weak, need to stop caring so much, or that you’re too emotional for your own good? Maybe you

Deep Feeler, HSP or Empath? Here’s the differences

You’ve got one life to live and I know YOU know you’re meant for more. Deep down, you have the intuition & the vision to create amazing impact, income, and happiness living full out. But

The truth about creating more abundance in life & business

Have you started to think about setting goals for yourself in 2022 that align to what your intuition says are right for you? That align with what really lights you up? That align with what

How To Align To Your Goals In A Healthy Way

How many times have you heard: “You should just be grateful that you have…[xyz].” When people in your life deal out “gratitude” with a heavy emphasis on SHOULD…well, beware that it’s not really their intention

Here’s To NOT meeting expectations

What would happen if we fully grasped the POWER of small steps, small offers, small inspirations, created from our biggest, most abundant frequency? Are small contributions, progressive transformations, and a steadily growing bank account good

Are your “small” inspirations big enough?

When it comes to highly sensitive humans and empaths in business or creative pursuits, there’s a tendency to want to hang back and perfect things (and ourselves) before we “shine” our light in the world.

How To Get Over Being Perfectified

Is your heart bursting to share you work in a bigger way, attract soulmate clients, or lead your positive change movement? Even though you’re passionate, do you avoid doing the live videos or podcasts you

Raise Your Vibration & Be Who You Are

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