About Lindsay

Do you want to have a business that helps people, is effortless to run, generates income AND give the world and your family the BEST version of you?

Hi! I’m Lindsay (she/her), a Breakthrough Coach for Sensitive People In Business and certified EFT Practioner.

I believe sensitive people deserve a bigger vision than just surviving or coping with life better. I believe we deserve to be affluent, wealthy, business owners and leaders in the world and have FUN doing it!

Back in 2016, I walked away from a "perfectly good business" because my intuition told me I had other ways to serve the world. But it was so scary to make the leap into something completely different!

If you thought things went smoothly and successfully for me straight away, well, they didn’t (and maybe that’s where you are)! 

But it all had a beautiful purpose. Because along the way I discovered the key energetic codes and practical strategies to wielding sensitive powers for more impact, income and happiness.

I discovered how we can influence everything in our life or business for good by tapping into our unique Abundance Frequency. 

Now I’m on fire to help all HSPs and empaths clear their subconscious blocks to abundance, wield their soulful gifts, and manifest a booming business and happy life by helping them unleash fully into the world.

My programs and coaching have resulted in purposes ignited, careers pivoted, businesses started, lives restarted, and incomes quadrupled. 

And best of all that means…each year the world is filled with MORE sensitive abundant leaders and biz owners, radiating their joy and making the world a better place for us all. 

A more abundant life is possible for you. Let me show you how!

A great place to start is my "Open For More, Abundance Alchemy EFT Tapping Bundle"


How To Raise Your Frequency To Manifest More Impact & Income

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