About Lindsay

Hey curious soul! Guessing you didn't land here by accident. You're here gathering intel as a:

  • (a) go-getter entrepreneur seeking out new mentors to help you reach your goals and boost those sales figures,
  • (b) A podcast host or or event organizer scoping out potential guests, facilitators, or speakers for your next big thing.

So, let's dive into the juicy bits...

Why People Click With Me

As a Business Activator, I don't teach "Copy Me" business strategies because by the time clients reach out to me, they have enough of those. They come hungry (and a little exhausted) to know how to get MORE and BETTER leverage out of what they've learned, implemented, and tested.

I don't just coach. I activate. Because in my 10 years of entrepreneurship across 3 different businesses, built on a background in Communications and Community Economic Development, spiced up by 7 years as a spiritual chaplain leading funerals, weddings, etc, taking inner work to new heights with EFT Tapping Certification and Sound Healing, I know embodiment is where the breakthroughs are if you're serious about creating multi- six-figures.

Those who groove with "unconventional", who value personal fulfilment and collective liberation, who seek ethical business, and personal growth, will find themselves right at home in my realm. It's all about creating a safe space where your authenticity shines, and dreams come to life in the most unexpected ways.

Who can I help best?

Personally, the whirlwind of motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks when my little one turned 3 months old. And boy, did history repeat itself when my business hit the 3+ years mark! This analogy seems to strike a chord with many folks out there who are also 3+ years into their biz.

Reaching this milestone is a rollercoaster of emotions and growth. You're molding a fresh CEO identity, mastering skills on the fly, juggling family life, turning your expertise into marketable goodies, all while feeling that inner nudge to be more.

This urge to "be more" sits right in the middle of a seesaw of emotions.

On one end, it's fuelled by a pinch of self-doubt - thanks, competitive business world! - where you feel like you're always one step away from burnout chasing that multi six-figure dream.

But on the flip side, it bubbles up from a place of creativity and personal growth, where you start craving to infuse more of your authentic self into your business. That inner voice just won't pipe down!

Clients hitting this sweet spot often breathe a sigh of relief working with me because I get it. I've been there! Using my unique frameworks, biz owners harmonize their inner realm and turn it into a recipe for sales success!

A great place to start is my "Open For More, Abundance Alchemy EFT Tapping Bundle"


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