When your partner asks about your day and you’re covered in baby poop (literally) and haven’t eaten anything since 6am, do you tell the truth or just say it was good?

When the waiter at the restaurant delivers a ceasar salad instead of a tossed salad, do you tell truth or just eat the ceasar?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, do you keep it to yourself or seek out help?

It breaks my heart that so many people have a rough time being open and honest about how they are doing in their business. Imagine all the problems that could be solved when everyone shares knowledge and the honest truth with everyone else?

Now, I’m not talking about sharing your whole life story with the stranger on the plane (‘cause that’s just plain annoying 99% of the time). I’m saying, be honest and open with an accountability partner (like a friend, partner, colleague, or coach), so you can regain control of your own habits so they no longer control you.

Here are 5 things that’ll happen when you’re open and honest:

1. You’ll see something new in yourself.

Often verbalizing something with someone else makes it real for ourselves too. When you open up about your hopes, fears, dreams, and obstacles, you acknowledge their existence and you’re better able to work through them to make them happen (or not happen).

2. You’ll earn accountability.

When you’re honest and share with others, you earn accountability partners — cheerleaders you can rely on to give you a firm kick in the pants, a gentle reminder, a listening ear, or be an emotional rock for your journey. After all, people can better support and lead your cheering section when they better understand you.

3. You’ll receive valuable feedback.

As human beings, we tend to get excited easily…I’ve been known to get a little giddy myself! It’s easy to get tunnel vision, focusing only on the end goal and our perspective on the journey. When you’re open and honest and share your goals and dreams, others may see something that you don’t, and help you stay on the right, or even a more productive path.

4. You’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

The emotional support that comes from opening up to someone else is incredible. Taking that emotional “weight off your shoulders” is felt physically too and you may find yourself walking taller, feeling more relaxed, and even cracking a little smile!

5. You’ll be a better version of yourself.

All roads lead to this: becoming a better version of yourself. When you’re honest with yourself, you bring your issues and fears to the forefront so they can be addressed and you can move past them. When you’re honest with others, you get a cheerleader in your game of life!

Want a quick way to get honest with yourself so you can move past overwhelm or procrastination? Join me for a Rapid Clarity Breakthrough Session. In 60 minutes you’ll have deep insight into your fear story and an action plan to move past it.

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