You’re here because you’re on your awakening journey. You may even be building a coaching or healing business or leading yourself in a career pivot because of that journey!

It’s an exciting time to be alive!

More and more people are learning that their mindset – everyday thinking, outlooks on life, on ourselves, and how we look at problems – is a big piece.

Growth mindset, Scarcity Mindset, Abundance Mindset may all be familiar terms to you.

But, the promise of living in abundance or being your abundant self can sometimes feel intangible.

Making Abundance Tangible

Usually when people see the word “Abundance” they think of money. Which it is.

But abundance is also a state of being and an energetic frequency you can feel.

Above all, the deeper you feel this energy in your body and the more often you access it, the better able you are to manifest more of everything you want, including money, better relationships, opportunities, the career you love, etc.

But how do you get there? And is it bad if you’re not there already?

The answer is no!

Because in any awakening journey, we evolve and expand how we think/fee/act. We can’t know or do everything at once, otherwise there would literally be NO such thing as a journey of expansion into your highest good.

I hope that by providing this side by side comparison of some aspects of Scarcity Mindset, Basic Abundance Mindset, and Embodied Abundance Frequency, along with a brief description of what the “felt” experience in the body and your energy may be like, that you’ll start to have an idea of the beautiful journey you can take to become fully yourself, free and fearless to authentically create money in your business, and make the impact you want in helping people.

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How We Progress from Scarcity To Abundance

This is by no means a total explanation of what the whole internal  or external progression of abundance looks like.

Our mindset & thinking are just one component of our being. Learning to feel your feelings and feel energy are other elements that I’d say are equal or even more important.

However,  in total honesty, unless you ALREADY know what certainty, trust, openness, easy access to calm, or feeling full with joyful power feels like, then trying to imagine what it could feel like can be hard.

But, in that case, recognizing you have UNFELT experiences of these emotions or frequencies is exactly perfect for a new moment of awakening.

Because now you know where you get to awaken to next!

That is the whole point of why I take people on coaching journeys and mentor sensitive humans through programs, like Access Your Abundance.

That kind of EPIC felt experience of yourself, your business, your life IS possible. It’s already within you, we just need to get you open, connected, and flowing with it.

Because when you do, that’s when you have limitless power to create the impact & wealth you want and ENJOY the process to the fullest.

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