Do you love hats? Bowler hats? Sunhats? Baseball caps? As an entrepreneur, no matter what your niche, you need to love hats because you’ll be wearing MANY of them (figuratively speaking most of the time, unless you’re a hat salesman).

As the “Wearer of Many Hats,” you may wonder if that automatically means stress, overwhelm, and eventually burnout. You may believe these are necessary evils to get the job done and be successful. After a while, overworking yourself may become habit. You can easily, and without recognizing it, become addicted to overwhelm.

How can you recognize this addiction? Here are 7 signs you’re addicted to overwhelm:

1. Are you always moving? We all know the importance of downtime, but when you actually get a few minutes of peace and quiet, are you focusing on yourself or thinking of work? Does downtime make you feel guilty about not working?

2. Are you a Yes-Person? Do you say yes to every new invitation or opportunity, whether you have time for it or not because you fear disappointing others?

3. Are you a Firefighter? Is your task list so long that you are only motivated to do the “full state of emergency” tasks and not the routine items, or anything from your wish list?

4. Do you relish “concerned-for-you” attention? Do you only feel successful when you get validations and affirmations from others who are concerned that you “work too hard”?

5. Are you using busyness as a crutch? Even though you dislike being busy, is busyness the only thing that helps you feel alive and ‘going somewhere’ in life?

6. Does saying NO give you severe FOMO? Are you able to say no without anxiety or does the Fear Of Missing Out drive most of your decisions?

7. Are you living in perpetual startup mode? Are you barely implementing ideas/strategies you JUST learned before you are already on to the next one, hoping THIS ONE will be the successful one?

If you answered YES to four or more of these questions, you are addicted to overwhelm. And it’s time to re-evaluate the beliefs, habits and choices that are driving your actions.

Many people go into self employment as a ‘healthier’ alternative to the grinding corporate environment. Unfortunately, their unhealthy habits often go with them turning their passion ‘escape’ into another prison of overwhelm.

When these habits go unrecognized for too long, at best you’ll live a life of continual stress and your business will go ‘ho-hum’. At worst you will cause serious harm to your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relationship health and tank your business.

If you just had a wake up call, it’s time surround yourself with people who can support you in making healthier choices.

Here are two ways I can help you:

1.Get my Savvy & Structure Toolbox that has everything you need to start protecting your time, prioritizing better, and making decisions that align with your true desires (instead of what you think you SHOULD be doing). Click here to grab yours now.

2. Get my help directly through a Rapid Clarity Breakthrough Session and over 60 minutes we will sort out the chaos, get you clear on what you really want, and create an action plan to get it (again, without setting your hair on fire). Learn more here.


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