Abundance Catalyst 1:1 Coaching

It’s frustrating when you’re excited about creating a new version of your business or life path, but you’re getting stuck and not feeling the easy flow of confidence, ideas, decisions, actions, outcomes, and income you’d like.

If you want to be fully yourself in the world, confidently, decisively, and fearlessly pursuing your purpose & creating income from your full capacity of gifts, but aren’t, and sense that your difficulty has something to do with scarcity mindset, limiting beliefs or other unconscious blocks, then you’re in the right place!

The Abundance Catalyst is for the highly sensitive/empathic human seeking to quickly overcome limiting beliefs, expand their vibration, and step into what’s possible with a new manifesting perspective & energy.

This package includes working 1:1 with Lindsay to clear blocks and re-connect the synergy between your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and inter-connection (your five wisdom centres) as well as activate and harmonize your energy so you’re living & creating from your unique Abundance Frequency without the limiting subconscious beliefs and energy blocks standing in your way.

As an HSP/empath, nothing influences the quality of your life or business more than living from your Abundance Frequency.

Lindsay is an intuitive, holistic, coach, sound healer, and certified EFT Practitioner in the McDonald Manifestation Method and has discovered the key mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic shifts every HSP/empath needs to live their fullest expression.

You will be mentored by Lindsay through live intuitive coaching while being fully supported through an incredible transformation with relevant methods like EFT (tapping), sound journeys, tools like meditation or hypnosis audios, exercises, self-assessments, and extra support of additional energy practitioners. 

Over the course of working together, you can expect to go from uncertain, anxious, underconfident or lost to feeling deeply in touch with your authentic self & gifts, taking actions that express this to the world, and enjoying the progress, trust, peace, and confidence with yourself and your purpose, all of which leads to impact & income.

See next page for description of how we’ll work together…

The Shape of Working Together

Here is how we will work together with every session and component intuitively customized to your needs and grounded in a clear vision/outcome in mind:


Like renovating a foundation of a home, we bring awareness to how your story of yourself, your identity, is the primary foundation of which all your thoughts, decisions, feelings, and actions flow. We work to return you to being the powerful conscious creator of this story, rather than being controlled by unconscious beliefs you didn’t know you had that obscure clarity, confidence, connection, trust and action on your goals.


With your conscious identity in place, you are now empowered to leverage new beginnings, ideas, gifts, paths of purpose and take action on your goals while upgrading all your habits using the 7 Habits of Highly Sensitive, Highly Effective Manifestors


One more intensive push to bring you home over the threshold into an entirely new Abundance Frequency and new way of being, helping you through the critical period where new or other old limiting patterns have a tendency to resurge. Instead you will conquer them once and for all and elevate into your truth, wholeness, and empowerment.

Why this package?

What makes this coaching journey different compared to my 3 month Access Your Abundance group program or my 10 Month Amplify Your Abundance business mentorship is this:

  • The Abundance Catalyst 6 month journey is my only 1:1 coaching package for non-entrepreneurs *but can be used for business goals as well if you want
  • We are working 1:1 privately as opposed to small group coaching
  • We are working in full intuitive/customization mode as opposed to a set course ( I will pull things from my huge toolbox to suit exactly what you need in each step).
  • The majority of our sessions (80%) will involve using EFT/Tapping to work with the subconscious and body vs other programs where it's maybe about 20% of the content
  • We are working in an intensive timeframe, coaching weekly, rather than bi-weekly, to create rapid personal alchemy versus the kind of longer term accountability, brand building and business strategy found in Amplify Your Abundance

Curious to talk more and see how this can help you with your life goals or business?

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Olga Popova

Working with Lindsay has been instrumental in getting me on my way. I have learned to cope with my internal reality and emotions much more effective ways compared to before.

I have quit my job, moved to a new city, met my partners and started two businesses that are now bearing fruits.

 If you want to get your life on track and get out of your own way to achieve your goals, Lindsay is an insightful, intuitive and supportive coach who will guide you through this journey.

I have transformed into a new being with self awareness, self love, self management and most of all being kind to myself.


Lindsay Hindle, you are the most Beautiful, ravishing, empathetic, intuitive, kind hearted, pure soul I have ever met and interacted woman in my life. 

I have transformed into a new being with self awareness, self love, self management and most of all being kind to myself. Thank you for coming into my life when I needed the most.

I am grateful to you and your work with each one of us who are enriched with golden hearts, cultivated mindfulness, spirited and soulfully connected with oneself and others. Much gratitude and humbled with your sheer beauty outside and inside.

Dronile Hiraldo

"When I first began working with Lindsay, I lacked confidence in myself and in my business ideas. From our very first session, I could feel a shift occurring.

Now, I have the confidence to pursue my dreams and make my dream business a reality.  Thanks to Lindsay, I have started putting myself out there, meeting new people, and sharing my work. I now focus on what’s most important to bring my vision to life.

Had it not been for Lindsay’s help, I’d still be chasing my tail and would still be fearful of beginning! Her coaching has opened up a gateway to my own power."


How To Raise Your Frequency To Manifest More Impact & Income

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