Would you rather be happy now or later?

If you’re like me, as a kid you were led to believe that “success” was having lots of money, a big (detached) house, a smokin’ hot car, and being married with 2.5 kids (who the heck has half a kid?). For some people, this is true. But success is different for everyone.

For years I’ve followed other peoples interpretations of success and have now developed my own system for success that’s unique to me. For me, being successful is about being aligned with who I am. I make choices based on the now, and not necessarily with the influence or pressures of the future or what society (or others) think I need to lead a successful life.

I don’t want to achieve a successful life, I want to live it.

I don’t completely discount the future implications of my decisions and I’m not totally reckless either. I’ve just come to the realization that success isn’t always something just out of our grasp. It’s something that you can experience today – now – at this exact second in your life if you just open yourself to being happy now.

How to define your NOW success vision

I’m not going to leave you hanging! Here are three simple questions to ask yourself today to define your version of success in the now:

1. When do you feel so much joy that the thought of comparing that experience to someone else’s never even enters your mind?

2. If you died tomorrow, what three feelings would you have wanted to experience the most in your life?

3. When you look at your life, does it give you peace or does your body tighten or react uncomfortably?

Did you notice a common theme? Yes, let’s get a little touchy feely now and talk briefly about emotions and feelings.

I’ve found that when my clients focus on the feelings associated with success they find more success in the now. When their success goals are more focused on physical achievements or status, they spend most of their time reaching, when they could be enjoying and experiencing the journey.

You have so much power to be successful and satisfied in life right now. You don’t need to be a millionaire with a mansion and a handful of kids to be happy. Focus on doing what makes you feel good and that’s the key to a successful life.

If you’d like to chat more about creating a successful life plan that’s unique to you, book a 60 minute Rapid Clarity Breakthrough Session with me, Lindsay!

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