In a world of money while you sleep and “overnight” success stories ???? What does it mean to be DEVOTED to yourself and your soul driven business?

???? Is it an act of selfishness?

????Is narcissistic to be wholly focused on creating that which you find joy, meaning, wealth and purpose in?

???? Is it “asking too much of life” to pursue wealth, happiness and impact outside of the regular “colouring lines”?


???? Is devotion also meant to embody sacrifice, rigid discipline and self martyrdom for the cause or result?

???? Is it only about production, production, production, goal, next, goal, next, goal, next?

???? Is it about being committed to waiting passively for a sign, for someone else to tell you you’re enough, or until things just magically fall into your lap?

No. Devotion is: ️

???? the ultimate expression of care

???? an act of tending to

???? daily embodiment of choosing tenacity, compassion, trust and infinite faith, no matter what.

???? It is a daily clearing and cleansing of all that doesn’t serve.

For instance,

???? Can you imagine being so devoted to holding trustworthy thoughts about yourself, your capabilities, your ultimate success,  That you actually believe in who you are, what you do, and thereby succeed?

???? Can you imagine letting go of all the baggage of your past “failures”and wake up each day to invite amnesia-like presence to your day & what’s possible?

????Can you look at your “to-do” as more of as a “spiritual tending to” list than a “gotta get through this” list?

❤️ This is what I hold in my mind as the essence of devotion.

✨ And to me it is far greater in its healing power than being “committed” to something.

How would your life change if you embraced being devoted to yourself and your most meaningful work?

What daily sweetness, as well as success, would be possible with a more sacred way of being in your day & work?

For all the talk about expanding your business, reaching soulmate clients, firing up your bank account,

➡️ What are you doing it for to FEEL in your life?

Do you really want it all?

???? Or are you really wanting WHOLE?

Drop me a “???? + WHOLE” in the comments if you’re a YES to that.

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