Have you ever made a recipe and skipped an ingredient (or two) casually assuring yourself “It’s no big deal”, only to have it turn into a mess even your neighbour’s goat wouldn’t eat?

I know what you’re thinking…who lives next to goats?!

If your ideal life includes a purposeful career or biz, you *might* need things like:

  • the courses that help you build skills
  • the camera and equipment for the ‘perfect’ livestreams
  • the head-to-toe crystals for health, prosperity or fame

But the FIRST ingredient you need is…


Granted BY YOU, FOR YOURSELF, to allow yourself to want what you want.

Because without it you know what happens?

Shrinking and hiding.
Deciding then backtracking.
“I need X and then I can have or I’ll be ready for Y.”
Half-way starting.

That type of thing.

You could be holding back on the things you really want and not even see it. For example:

You might want to hire a personal trainer. Seems reasonable to get an expert to help you train in the best way possible. You even tell your best friend you’re going to hire a trainer.

And then you don’t.

Why didn’t you follow-through? Because somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain a belief was lurking:

“We’re not allowed to want to be happy and powerful.”

Fit (the outcome to training) = happy + powerful

Could be a million reasons why your brain tells you that; messages from Mom & Dad, the culture you grew up in, examples of nasty powerful people that make power seem evil, any number of ways you’ve interpreted the world.

So how do you vaporize that accidental programming?

First, get honest with yo self…is it possible you skipped telling yourself it’s ok to want what you want?

Second, give yourself permission! Write it in a journal or record a voice note using one of these prompts:

“I have permission to…”
“I am worthy of…”
“I deserve…”
“I’m claiming my right to…”

And fill in the blank with your desired new normal. Better yet, tell ME in the comments what you are giving yourself permission for.

I’d love to support you in any way I can!

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