2022 was supposed to be the year you manifested great things, like growing your freedom & impact biz, snagging a new position at work, or the love of your life.

You thought you had it together. You’re no stranger to affirmations, meditations, books, strategic plans, “proven” tactics from the “top experts”, and you’re down with crystals “like woah.”

You had a few small wins early in the year…AND THEN…the current global situation has sent you into a spin cycle.  Other people seem to be riding the waves just fine in their biz and life, but not you : (

So now you’re searching for WHAT you’re doing wrong so you can fix it and get it right STAT!

Well dear one, it’s not about WHAT you are DOING wrong. Nope. In fact, you are probably doing things just right.

The trouble isn’t DOING, it’s how WRONG YOU FEEL FEELING.

It’s hard to go right when you’re “wronging” your feelings

What do I mean by that? Let’s dive in with an example…what are you feeling right now about yourself and the state of your dreams?

Are you feeling frustrated, demoralized or afraid you’re not good enough? Now, what are you feeling about having those feelings?

Is there a little voice saying:

  • you have no right to feel so sorry for yourself?
  • you’re weak for feeling so sensitive or emotional?
  • you’re crushing your “manifesting” ability if you let yourself feel negative for even half a second?

THAT convo in your head is what I call emotional back talk. It’s been sabotaging you from the start.

Gratitude for big feelings – the missing step BEFORE positive affirmations will work

Emotional back talk is a result of growing up in a culture that doesn’t teach us how to honour our emotional selves or give us tools to leverage this part of our genius, especially in business!


Sadly, many empathic and HSP women and men are separated from their emotional genius . We’re taught to deny our true nature as FEELING BEINGS.

And even people who know and accept that they are highly sensitive  or empathic (which you can read about here), are still missing tools and strategies to truly master their emotional realm so that it feels like a superpower instead of a burden.

Unfortunately, Law of Attraction and other typical manifesting advice has a lot to do with that problem by categorizing feelings as “negative” = bad (low vibe) and “positive” = good (high vibe).

Personally, I don’t subscribe to that because it makes people afraid of their feelings. I help people get into high vibration but not by demonizing low vibrations as bad or something to be afraid of.

Having worked with hundreds of HSPs and empaths, I know to succeed in life and business AUTHENTICALLY YOU, you need to work with ALL of your feelings as power.

And the tips I’m giving you below are a great start.

But if you REALLY want to learn the ART of manifesting an abundant life or business as a highly sensitive/empathic human through your purposeful profession,

👉then it’s time to master your nervous system and get skilled at raising your frequency into “peaceful power mode” WITHOUT discounting, avoiding, or bypassing the “negative feelings”.

You can start today my grabbing my free guideHow To Raise Your Frequency To Manifest More Impact & Income” It includes a PDF worksheet and a 10 minute meditation.

Whether you’re new to understanding your personal energy as vibration or you’re an old hat at it, this bundle will help you feel aligned and powerfully peaceful to take your life or business to the next level. Get it here or click below : )



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