How You See Is How You Do Life

About Lindsay

You've had a pretty fulfilling life (mostly), worked decent jobs/careers (mostly), and got along ok managing the worry, self-doubt, and big overwhelming emotions you feel (mostly). 

But everyday you walk around still wondering when the world will seem turned right side up.

When one day, compared to others, you won't have to struggle as much as they do to feel fulfilled, connected, confident, powerful, and "so damn capable of anything and everything."

When one day perfectionism won't waste you and you'll feel satisfied doing things the common way.

Well, that day is coming...except the common part of course!

Because as creatives, big feelers, highly sensitive people or empaths we're built to elevate the common good, not follow it. And it's about time you embraced it.

Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I'm a confidence and follow-through specialist, founder of Five Sights, and I proudly help highly sensitive people leverage all their powers that be so they can lead fulfilling lives, careers, businesses and produce divine creations that fill the world with good.

Why do I do it?

Because years ago, I was you. I knew life could feel amazing, I just couldn't seem to hold onto that feeling all the time.

I had some confidence, but it didn't feel like I had enough for what really mattered to me.

I had some ability to be pro-active and focused, but I sure didn't like how I punished myself into it and suffered from perfectionism.

Then one day, after years of searching and experimenting, I finally pulled the veil from my eyes and saw the world and my role from a whole different view.

My problem (and probably yours too) was never seeing my whole self as powerful. My mind got all the glorious praise and nourishment while my other powers (body, emotions, spirit, inter-connection) were downplayed or downright dismissed as valuable.

Now I help other creative & sensitive humans leverage their whole selves with unshakeable confidence, focus and follow-through so they can achieve their dreams & lead the elevated evolution the world needs.

How you see changes everything.

Let's work together to see a peaceful, prosperous YOU to the finish line of your big hearted ambitions. And see a peaceful, prosperous WORLD in your wake.