What would happen if we fully grasped the POWER of small steps, small offers, small inspirations, created from our biggest, most abundant frequency?

Are small contributions, progressive transformations, and a steadily growing bank account good enough for you ?

Or do you need your income and impact to be 100% BIG, 100% CERTAIN, 100% perfectly executed RIGHT NOW for it to feel like “you’re enough”?

The reason I ask is two-fold:


  1. Perfectionists tend to be “complexity moths”, only attaching value to BIG contributions, or being the ONLY one in their lane, or putting it ALL on their shoulders to solve, or solving it in ONE shot (or it’s counted as a failure)
  2. I got a message and a podcast link from a colleague on the weekend that reminded me of the absolute ABUNDANCE of small things

The message was letting me know the story of how a poem I wrote
– what I call the Deep Feelers Creed was a key magical piece in helping her step into leadership of a struggling company, giving renewal to the founders AND bringing them all into divine collaboration ✨

❤️ The whole journey of how the poem came through me to be alive in the world as an inspirational product;

???? to how she received, honoured, trusted, and acted on the divine inspiration it aroused in her;

???? to what it meant to the women she brought it to,

Is a series of events that has had me in AWE and reverence of what is possible when we act from our abundant selves not just in “big ways” but even when it seems “too small” to notice, honour, act and receive on.

I share this with you today, because I know that inside this community are some of the most beautiful humans with the MOST to offer the world…

…yet they are stuck devaluing who they are and what they can contribute because they are not seeing their small powerful influence and impact through an abundance identity lens!

Feeling a gut punch or tight in your throat? Cold all of a sudden?

Those are signs that YOU need this story today, .

Click here to listen to the Podcast episode all this magic was revealed on and understand why small IS POWERFUL!

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, jump forward to 37:00 minutes in where the story of the impact of my poem begins : )

You are here to big things. Believe they can come from small powerful inspirations & actions lead by the big ABUNDANT YOU.

xxx ooo


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