Hey beautiful human. Have you ever got the impression from others or actually been told that you’re weak, need to stop caring so much, or that you’re too emotional for your own good?

Maybe you “think too much” or catch yourself feeling really anxious all the time and because you’re often DRAINED, this all seems like “proof” that you’re just not cut out for doing badass things in life like building a business, sitting in the executives’ chair, or leading a conscious movement.

But what if there’s another explanation besides just settling for being “different”, “weird”, less capable of handling the world, or even mentally unwell?

What I’m about to explain below are three unique human designs that about 20% of the population have. When I discovered that I have a ratio of all three, it was LIFE CHANGING! Suddenly, the light bulb went off and I began to embrace a whole new kind of freedom and power. Now it’s your turn!

Big Feeler

This type is what most people think of when they think “Oh, they’re a sensitive person.” A big feeler is someone who feels their own emotions deeply. Whatever they feel is big, whether it is joy, love, compassion or it’s sadness, anger or frustration.

Deep feelers typically reflect a lot and make a lot of meaning from things. Often they can take things personally or accidentally allow themselves to be hurt by others words easily. 

People like this tend to find great comfort in creative arts like writing, music, poetry, and theatre as an outlet for these intense feelings. Big feelers may or may not have the ability to pick up on other people’s energy, feelings in a room, or collective energy like highly sensitive’s and empaths do.

Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is different than a sensitive person in that HSP is actually a form of neurodivergence. The brain is literally receiving MORE “data” than the average person at any given second and interpreting information on a whole other level.

Sights, smells, sounds, tastes, tactile stimulation all feels much more intense than the average person. This is often why simple social situations, like networking, summits, parties, going to a mall can throw off an HSP in a big way.

An HSP also feels their emotions deeply, but also picks up information from everything around them. 

Very often HSPs can feel the emotional qualities or energy of other people, places, animals, (although don’t necessarily absorb it or experience it like empaths do).

Highly sensitive people are deeply intuitive and perceptive of everything and everyone around them. They may get tired easily, need to retreat or have lots of alone time in order to feel balanced. Find out your HSP score (how high your sensitivity is) with Elaine Aron’s quiz.


An empath is someone who feels their emotions deeply and also feels or experiences the feelings of others as if they were their own or were experiencing them themselves. Someone who is empathic can often times pick up on feelings or sensations telepathically or be affected by what’s called ‘collective energy’ (the collective emotions/energy/vibration of all humans on the planet).

For this reason, empaths can often be feeling low or high moods depending on what’s going on in the world that has “nothing” to do with them. Being lightning rods for energy of all kinds, people, animals, it can be extremely difficult for empaths to decipher “Is this MY feelings or someone elses?”

This can make it very hard for empaths to know themselves and make aligned decisions in their life and business. Indecision and overwhelm are very common, including starting & stopping and backtracking on business ideas or connections with people.

Do any of these descriptions fit you?

Life can feel pretty challenging if you think you’re odd for being so sensitive, if stressful situations really get to you, or you know you have an intuitive or empathic gift that you keep shutting down.

In fact, many beautiful humans like yourself avoid doing what they want in their career, stepping into leadership, or pursuing their own business because they don’t believe they can handle it.

In fact, one look at all the books about empaths in the Amazon bookstore – which are all SURVIVAL books – and it’s not hard to see how we’re actually being fed a self-reinforcing limiting story about who we can be!

Deep feelers, highly sensitives and empaths can do more than just SURVIVE.

WE CAN BE THRIVING ABUNDANT LEADERS, CREATORS AND ENTREPRENEURS enjoying happiness, impact and wealth IF we know how to clear the things that hold us back, create new beliefs & habits that serve us better, and each calibrate to our own unique Abundance Frequency – a frequency of power that will transform everything in your life.

If you’re excited by that vision and feel deep in your soul there is so much MORE abundance available for you to access, if you could only figure out how to get to it,  let’s talk about it together.

I offer free 30 minute Insight to Action Strategy Sessions to those who have a clear vision of who they want to be and what they want out of their business or life – but are having trouble putting the pieces together in flow.

Click here to book yours now.

Dominique | certified Doula 

I'm going after my dreams full force

I was at a place a year ago where I was wondering if I would die with my health issues getting so bad, having Lindsay as a mentor saved my life in more ways then one. I am the best version of myself I have ever been, I am overcoming my chronic illnesses issues and going after my dreams full force. I just finished with Lindsay in August and I am already using her tools to restart my doula business as well as a gluten free baking side business. I had no idea the power of the waves of investing in yourself could be. I am worth it. So are you! Thank so much Lindsay!!

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