A man with a sword down his throat slides along a twenty-foot pole stopping just inches from the floor (and certain death) just in time.

The [ ________ ] ‘s Got Talent show franchise isn’t just exciting television entertainment.

It’s a curious display of the power of our YESES and NO’s.

This man didn’t just roll out of bed a master of his craft one day.

What inspired vision did that man have to say yes to?
What daily habits did he have to say yes to?
What other distractions did he have to say no to?
What emotional patterns did he have to say no and yes to?

Have you thought about your YESES and NO’s lately, ?

I’ve got my own powerful history of them, including saying:

  • NO MORE to my first business that I had no passionate vision for, but continued to do because I was good at it and had an expensive University degree I could not justify “throwing away”
  • Not this either to business no.2 where I felt passionate about the impact I could make but hated the business model I was restricted to
  • A FULL YES to business no. 3, which is my coaching practice, but with the caveat that I would absolutely NOT DO IT the way I had done things in the past (???? more on this later)

Making DECISIVE and SOULFULLY ALIGNED YESES and NO’s is one of the first things I work on with people inside my Focus & Follow Through Solution mentorship, which is a six-month group program.

Because what we choose to do with our one precious life is only one piece of the puzzle.

And the roadmap of steps (our strategy of getting “there”) is one piece of the puzzle.

But the most important piece of all is how we get ourselves to show up to the what and how we experience ourselves along the way.

Because even the most divine, soul-centered ambitions can feel anything BUT divine when we’re stuck in the suck without firm, decisive, and soulfully aligned ways of saying YES and No for our highest good – from the tiny daily stuff to the major stuff (like YES or NO to one more project we really can’t handle).

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the YES muscle and include a special invitation to a new video series I’ll be leading all about the 7 Habits to being a Highly Effective, Highly Sensitive Human.

To your soul on fire,


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