Do you feel the shift?
Between what was and what is now becoming?
Since the solstice and solar eclipse energy over the weekend, I’ve noticed a distinct shift in energy from the heavy crushing and tearing apart, to a powerful re-grouping, pointing to a current of emergence.
And if you feel what I feel, that means you are open in a new way.
You know intuitively, it’s time FOR YOU to deeply embody the divine love that you are and let it shine through into the world in a way that has never been seen before.
You know that means it’s time to drop anything and everything that might be holding you back and get a strong reset on your manifesting power…
Because against the collective pain and the damaging forces at work, those old doubts and fears about whether you’re “qualified enough” to share love, catalyze innovation, or heal people/animals/places,  just don’t hold water anymore, do they?
If there was any hesitation before of you sitting back with your message, your writing, your creativity, your songs, your coaching, your courses,
Afraid of failure, afraid too many other people are doing it better, afraid you don’t know where to start, afraid you’re too sensitive and will be overwhelmed, well…guess what?
It’s time to drop it.
Because The Universe is calling and we need all hearts on deck.
The world needs you to be courageous and brave and to stand up and claim, “Yes, I am putting my heart on that deck.
I’m putting my hands on this deck and I’m moving this ship of collective consciousness forward with everything I have within me.”
If you are resonating with this message, you know the time is now. You are open and you’re ready for the next level.
So where are we going to go from here?
Well, that is just so exciting.
I’m really enjoying being in the juiciness of this new refreshed energy, this big pivot from what was and what now will become.
With this energy that’s pouring through, that has been sparked up, oh my goodness, big, good things are coming.
We are moving forward into a manifestation reset and emergence.
And in just a few weeks’ time, you could be high vibing out there with your gifts, standing strong in who you are, and manifesting loving abundance like WOAH for yourself and the collective.
Stay tuned for more…but in the meantime, how about you get a head start and download my 7 Secrets to A Successful Morning Ritual – a step by step, foolproof plan to get you up early for the sacred quiet you need to pull Divine Inspiration through! Click here to get your FREE GUIDEBOOK now.
xxx ooo
Lindsay | Confidence & follow-through Mentor for ambitious, highly sensitive, perfectionist-prone humans

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