Have you started to think about setting goals for yourself in 2022 that align to what your intuition says are right for you?

That align with what really lights you up?

That align with what you really want to achieve in your business next year?

Aligning to our goals in a healthy way has a few different factors that are specific for highly sensitive people. 

If you’ve felt out of alignment this year or want to move into even DEEPER alignment and take things to a whole new level of epicness in your biz or life,

Check the list below to see what Misalignment Factor may be most at play for you and how to fix it : )


Trouble being clear in your vision or misalignment happens when…for whatever reason underneath it all, the true reason is a subconscious fear of having that goal become so big and something you have to show up for and maintain, that all you feel is how overwhelming that might be. The result is the ego “pretends” not to know in order to stay safe figuring it out.

Easy Fix…Helping your brain see how to break things down into tiny manageable pieces and calming your nervous system to take one piece at a time


Trouble feeling excited about what you plan to do happens when….thinking of your big meaningful goal/project is mixed with energetic imprints from past wins or disappointments. 

Having past wins can produce the opposite feeling we think! Sometimes we set a bar/expectation and then fear whether we can meet it or surpass it next time. That imprint from the win becomes a massive expectation. On the opposite side, having past disappointments can leave us feeling fearful of failing. 

Easy Fix..Surrender all attachment to the past (including wins!) and clear out all energetic imprints with a powerful clearing ritual 


Trouble taking those big ideas into manifested physical reality…can often come from a lack of staying focused long enough to follow through which results in underdoing, which can feed a loss of confidence.  Or it can come from not being sustainable in how you’re doing it which results in overdoing/overworking, which can feed a loss of confidence in balancing your life and exhaustion.

Easy Fix…Having a plan of action that you actually WANT to follow because it’s aligned with what you WANT AND it’s aligned with your SENSITIVE NATURE and how you get to design your days and how you implement and execute the steps (ie. your method of doing).

How do you feel about setting and achieving big aligned goals ❤️ or ???? ?

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