When it comes to highly sensitive humans and empaths in business or creative pursuits, there’s a tendency to want to hang back and perfect things (and ourselves) before we “shine” our light in the world.

Perfecting, however, doesn’t make you any safer to withstand your business/creative journey, which WILL be messy.

Yes, safety is what the subconscious is really after when you’re getting stuck in perfecting things.

The truth is, your messiness will be seen and experienced by others some way along the line.

So the sooner you develop the emotional tolerance for this, the sooner you’ll be taking action, and creating the higher levels of impact and income that you want.

Use these 5 Tips below and consider the benefits of getting support from a coach who can help you embody these (and other effective habits), release limiting beliefs, and help you step deeper into your confidence to share your soul gifts and shine your light in the world.

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