Prepare yourself! I’m going to share something that may shock you. Ready? Here it comes…

It’s almost the end of 2018!

I know right? When I told you that, did you think “Duh, I already knew that Lindsay,” or did you say “Holy pineapple Batman! I have so much to do I need to drop everything and finish my 2018 goals!”

Now, you can choose panic and look for quick wins to accomplish your goals, but that’s not setting yourself up for success longer term.

One of the most common reasons we don’t accomplish our goals is that we haven’t set ourselves up with the right habits to achieve those goals.

Outdated goal-oriented thinking

In school we’re taught how to set goals, but not how to achieve goals (2 very different skill sets). This often forces us into deadly cycle:

  • January: Goals are written down. We’re motivated and full of energy.
  • May: We are making slow progress towards our goals, but not as fast as we planned. We’re mildly optimistic but losing our drive.
  • September: Our goal progress has stalled or been forgotten on a shelf. We feel deflated and give up…until Jan 1 when we make new goals start the cycle again!

How do we avoid this trap? By establishing healthy, sustainable habits that can help us achieve our goals!

Why habits are important

Sarah wants to lose 50 pounds by December 31. Sure she can jump on the latest fad diet where you eat 1 liquified food item for 14 days straight. That might help her reach her goal quickly, but is this sustainable (or healthy) to do long term?

However, if Sarah, focuses on overall healthier eating and exercise habits, it may take a little longer to reach her goal, but she’s less likely to fall back into old habits and put the weight on again.

Like popular diets, quick fixes to reach your goals don’t often create sustainable habits.

This means, if you work your butt off between now and December just so you can say you accomplished your goals, sure you may get them all done, but have you actually created habits that can sustain you long into 2019 and beyond?

Fall is the best time to establish THE RIGHT habits so you can hit the ground running (or maybe jogging to start) in January with your New Year’s resolutions.

But Lindsay, you ask, what exactly are the RIGHT HABITS?

Well, I’m glad you asked because I answer that very question in my new online masterclass:

Master Your Follow Through: The four critical shifts to transform your focus, consistency, and confidence so you can conquer your goals in business & life

And you can sign up to watch it right here!

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