Is your heart bursting to share you work in a bigger way, attract soulmate clients, or lead your positive change movement?

Even though you’re passionate, do you avoid doing the live videos or podcasts you say you’re going to do?

How about your new website or offer…are you busy “ever-tweaking” instead of launching it already?

Well, let’s stop here for some truth time:

I see you and I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

You’re driven to serve, but as a highly sensitive person or empath you’re getting “The Whelms” over being seen, standing in your wisdom, and expressing more of who you are!

Believe me, I used to feel this way too. Especially when I was shifting to include more spiritual work into my business.

And since I’ve been there, I know it can be solved in a couple of different ways : )

One way is to join my Access Your Abundance program where we’ll get into some deep excavation and deep frequency healing using my signature “Belief Release System” and “Abundance Activation Method”.

But since I only open for enrolment a few times a year (check here to see), in the meantime I’ve got a fast way to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and remember how DIVINE AND GROOVY it feels to be who YOU are RIGHT NOW.

Being present in the RADIANCE of RIGHT NOW helps stop the mind chatter that’s sabotaging you from hitting “publish” or “go live.”

So when you sing with this Soul Sound Activation that brings you into the PRESENT YOU (not the past or future you), you’ll be ready to hit record or jump on your live video so easily!!

Be Who You Are – SoulSound Activation To Raise Your Vibration in 2 Minutes

Activating and raising your vibration with singing is the FASTEST way to change your vibration WITH vibration.

This is an easy song to learn and sing along with yourself (that’s where you’ll get the most benefit).

*But before you listen, I’d just like to put out a little disclaimer about my lyrics which include the phrase “We are the love in a creation so divine.”

For some people, they interpret this to mean I’m singing from religious perspective – as in I’m asking you to believe in Creationism and God. My perspective is more along the lines of the fact that WE are co-creating this whole experience together and being part of this mysterious and wild Universe (however it is sourced) is a divine unfolding experience! Hopefully this helps you open your heart to this song.


Go Deeper & Upgrade Your Confidence To Be Seen & Heard

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It comes with three more ways you can quickly shift your state so you can step up, show up, and radiate your influence in the world.

Overcome visibility blocks and stimulate your throat chakra so you can confidently express your message with my unique set of tools!

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