There was a time in my life where my main desire was just to have a few consecutive days of happiness in a row.
That simple thing – feel happy- felt out of reach.
So I made a vow to direct all my attention into this one word: BELIEVE
I scribbled this word on the back of a hastily grabbed, slightly worn envelope and I tacked it up where I could see it every day, multiple times a day.
At first, I had to start where I was and choose: “Believe I have the capacity to be happy again”.
I was really scared it wasn’t possible. That I was defective or incapable.
Eventually though, as I learned to access my inner abundance and lived into experiences of wholeness and true self love, 
And let myself DISCOVER my world from an unlimited perspective of allowing (not forcing),
And learned to trust my empathy, care for my sensitive energy, and got efficient with ways of doing things that FIT me…this commitment to a word, led to a practice of choosing that has been responsible for so much abundance in my life:
“On those days when it feels impossible or you question whether you are worthy you will choose relentless self-belief.”
I’ve never stopped making that choice. And I never will stop.
Because my ego will always be with me, attached, cautious, and protective. Each bigger thing I attempt naturally triggers this ego response.
So I still choose to be committed to the practice of relentless self-belief,because just like finding balance in life, I don’t think it’s something you just suddenly have forever and never have to work at again.
I still have this old envelope. And I’ll never throw it away.
It reminds me of the progress of belief and what can happen when we just keep practicing what we choose to commit to – no matter what.

That me back then, could not have even envisioned where I am today;

  • offering programs to the world built from my soul & channeling the Universe (rather than what I was “trained” to do)

  • building a community of highly sensitive change makers

  • creating 10K months and negotiating exclusive global partnerships for my coaching services

  • guest speaking on summits and podcasts

And so much more!!!

That me back then was about to throw away ALL the self-help books ( because she thought “she didn’t have what it took”) and RESIGN HERSELF to smallness.
But she didn’t. That Lindsay, even as small as she felt, did the right thing to get MOMENTUM…she got committed to more than her fear.
And now it’s your turn . Name what you’re after. What do you want to manifest more than your fear? What is one word you can choose to fuel your path from this day forward? ????✨????
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