A topic that comes up a lot in my work with clients is the topic of balance.

There are many different ways being in and out of balance and being in and out of alignment with ourselves that affects our ability to manifest what we want in our business and life.

An aspect of balance that is really interesting to look at is whether you are over or under investing in your mental, spiritual, emotional or business growth that would help you get to your goals faster with more abundance created in the process.

Getting someplace faster, often means pausing and slowing down. And I have just the steps to help you figure out what you need, called the ALIGNMENT  INVENTORY.

Figure it out: The Alignment Inventory (step one)

Follow the prompts below to figure out where you may be over investing or under investing in the things that serve you. And remember , what serves you is what helps you be in alignment and take aligned ACTION.

On one sheet of paper think about and write down:

???? The person you want to be (think fill in the blank “I want to be a person who…”)
???? The idea that won’t leave you alone
???? Receiving more of _____this year would feel like a ✨ BIG SOUL YES ✨
???? What you committed (or wished) to create in your life last January 2020

On another sheet of paper do an inventory of:

????How many downloads, books, DIY courses, coaching you’ve purchased over the last 3 years to help yourself BE or receive those things and total up the cost.
????What the topics and themes of those things you got or bought are
????How many and which ones you 100% finished/implemented
????How many WINS you manifested in your career, biz or life because you followed through with feet on the ground

Then compare the two sheets:

❤️ Does the reality align with the vision?
???? Are you following through on the things that the “person you want to be” would be finishing or implementing?
???? Did the things help open you to receiving your abundance and what your soul finds meaning in?
???? Did the things help you create solid confidence in your abilities, deeper commitment, more momentum and thus the impact and income you wanted?

Doing this inventory will help you see…

That some of you might have been over eager and kind of overinvesting in ALL THE THINGS, but maybe not the right things for you and ended up with a pile of stuff  you’ve never finished or implemented, and it has never actually served you.

That you may be one of the  under investors who hold back out of fear or self-doubt. You may be part of the group of people who never quite feel worthy or feel worried that somehow they’re taking away from their family, they’re taking away from other people when they invest in themselves.

Time to get honest so you can get aligned

Take some time and do the alignment inventory exercise that I have put in the post, which is how you can start to  know what you really need to feel fulfilled and abundant this year.

Knowing if you are under-investing or are you over-investing will help you become really intentional with WHERE AND WHAT you decide to spend on yourself.

Investing in yourself, your growth, your business growth, your spiritual growth, your physical enhancement, like being healthy and balanced is so important, but you want to be doing it at the right place at the right time for the right things for you.

And especially not investing in the things that in comparison wise to someone else seem like they’re the best thing.

But That’s a whole other conversation!

Let’s start with this first step!

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