So you’re highly sensitive or empathic, ambitious, and perfectionist-prone and you’re having trouble with getting your visionary work FULLY MANIFESTED in the world?

You’re not alone!

I see this all the time and frankly, it’s so sad to see beautiful soul-led people with so much to give the world all busy DOUBTING themselves, meanwhile people with nothing but nasty intentions have absolutely NO DOUBTS and lots of confidence to go about their dirty work.

Well that stops now, beautiful, with BE A FINISHER SECRET #2, which is RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Radical self-acceptance – appreciating yourself for everything that you are – is key to being somebody who can focus and follow through and take their dreams and manifest them fully and tangibly in the world and enjoy them, enjoy the process of creating them, enjoy the outcomes.

What does radical self acceptance mean? And why is it especially SO IMPORTANT for perfectionists? I’m going to tell you!

Radical acceptance means telling yourself and believing:

“No matter what I do, no matter what this looks like, no matter how I show up today, no matter what gets produced or doesn’t get produced today, I love and accept myself in every shape or form that I am in.”

One of the reasons why we need radical acceptance if we’re a perfectionist is because our brain, our neuropathways in our mind are really, really, really efficient at doing the Should Shame combo. 

The Should Shame combo in perfectionists is highly, highly developed.

It’s also highly destructive and demotivating because your inner talk is always circling around:

“I should be this. I should be that I shouldn’t be so empathic. I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I should be more organized. I should have done this better…”

Followed by deep shame of everything that you’re not or “never” will be.

It goes on and on!

You can have all the ambition in the world, be very creative and be in love with your vision.

But when you still have this perfectionism and you’re lacking the radical self acceptance what’s going to happen is  friction all the time

And that gets tiring when you’re only relying on your ambition to keep you moving forward, we need this beautiful, self-compassion this beautiful acceptance there to help us lighten the load.

More importantly, shame, and guilt are like so low on the vibratory scale, right? And when it comes to being a powerful manifestor,  we need to be high vibe with appreciation. compassion and gratitude.

In order to manifest the abundance that you want and in order to manifest the impact in the world that you want, you have to hold these high vibrations in your energy (within your deepest self).

The key to get there, without it feeling inauthentic, without forcing, without it feeling like “high vibe” is not true to you…

…well the path to get there is with radical self acceptance.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we’re going to continue with secret number three. 

And in the meantime, one of the things that really helps with understanding why you’re stuck and how to get less overwhelmed and how to move forward is to know exactly where your confidence and focus blocks are.

And so that’s why I developed a quiz that you can take as a little personality quiz, because we want to be able to zero in on the tools that are going to solve exactly the confidence and focus issue that you’re struggling with most. 

And for most people, it’s either their systems, their organization, how they show up with everything they have to do on their, to do list, 

or it’s like a real kind of self esteem, self doubt, kind of core confidence issue that is stopping you from really taking action. 

You want to find out which one you are with my confidence quiz, so that you can get matched with a custom toolkit that’s going to address that specific issue for you and help you move forward. 

So feel free to go and take that CONFIDENCE PERSONA quiz by clicking here now.

And I will see you back tomorrow for secret number three. 


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