The average person doesn’t normally role out of bed and say to themselves “Gee, I take my brilliance for-granted!” So forgive me while I withhold your coffee & torture you to read this…IT REALLY MATERS THAT YOU DO.

A typical human has these two problems: #1 We don’t believe in our brilliance. #2 We don’t see how we take subtle things for granted.

Too bad for us humans that our brilliance doesn’t show up in flashing neon lights cause that makes us literally blind to it.

Have you been worried that you have any good ideas worth sharing? Or turning into a product, a service, a business, or a movement?

Well, let’s think this through…

Many amazing technologies and world improvements were discovered by accident. Sort of.

Discovery implies noticing.

Likely an idea, so micro-small it almost went unnoticed, was saved by a person literally deciding to scribble it down on a scrap of paper, despite the impulse to let it be a fleeting thought.

And luckily they set it aside and kept it safe. Until a few months later, a bird poop splat (or something) reminded them of it.

They retrieved this scribble and they DECIDED “why not see if this can work?”

And the rest is history.

So what is my point here?

Well, here is what I believe…

A successful life or business is equal parts stumbling and equal parts directing.

Stumbling becomes fruitful when you can SEE what’s coming through and DECIDE to do something with it. Direct it somewhere with purpose.

You’ve probably had thousands of stumbles. But have you chosen to direct any of them somewhere other than the back of some drawer (figuratively or literally?)

A lot of my giftedness has to do with getting people clear (ie. see yourself damnit!), focused, and taking intentional action (ie.self-direction) on their purpose-filled work in the world.

If your struggling with seeing or directing, I can help you.

A “Rapid Clarity Breakthrough Session” is a perfect place to start. Follow this link to schedule yours today:

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