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The Medicine In Slow Work

By Lindsay Hindle | Courage , Persistence , Resilliency , Spirit

There are times and places for rapid action, done is better than perfect and slapping things out the door to see what works…but crafting your life’s expression and purposeful mark in the world doesn’t have to be one of them.

With the trumpets sounding the call of 2020, you’d think (as a confidence & follow-through coach) I’d be talking about how you can stretch and hit your goals before “time runs out” in 2019.

But being the highly sensitive rebel I am, I would much rather challenge the old (aka.ruthless & unsustainable) paradigms of success and draw your focus to the medicine in slow work.

You don’t have to look too far to see how “taking your time”, especially in the online biz world, is something people seem to “resign” themselves to.

Personally, I think the self-apologizing around success taking hundreds of “baby-steps” harms our self-concepts and our world as a whole.

Urgency can be a good thing. But feeling “desperate urgency” is a recipe for dissatisfaction (because it’s driven by fear) and in fact, often results in the same “treadmill of pressure” people trying to escape from their 9-5 in the first place!

As healing as it is to define our purpose and declare our path to more meaningful work in the world  – when we then go and place all our focus on getting to the “good part” (aka. outcomes) we skip over the additional medicine that is hidden for us in the process!

We’re not just creating a thing or a go-to brand, we’re creating ourselves.

It’s time to renew our reverence for good things taking time. Not because “the thing” we make ends up being better…

But because WE end up being better when we honour the making of ourselves.

WE are half the reason our purpose makes itself known. To withhold reverence for our own incremental evolution is to deny an entire universe of built-in abundance right under our noses.

Purposeful abundance is what we’re all after, isn’t it?

So yes, the trumpets of 2020 are already sounding and asking us to pay attention to what we will create in the new year.

I’m down for foundation setting that lasts a lifetime, rather than placing too much focus on “hurrying” something to the finish line before the arbitrary deadline of December 31.

Are you also interested in setting your abundance foundation and learning the full range of Abundance Alchemy so 2020 feels lighter, easier, and more rewarding?

Are you ready to call in more love, time, money, and creativity that will support your life’s expression and help you make a purposeful mark in the world?

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The truth about succeeding in biz (or life) as a sensitive person

By Lindsay Hindle | Emotion , Performance , Perspective Shift , Resilliency

2020 was supposed to be the year you manifested great things, like growing your freedom & impact biz, snagging a new position at work, or the love of your life.

You thought you had it together. You’re no stranger to affirmations, meditations, books, strategic plans, “proven” tactics from the “top experts”, and you’re down with crystals “like woah.”

You had a few small wins early in the year…AND THEN…the current global situation has sent you into a spin cycle.  Other people seem to be riding the waves just fine in their biz and life, but not you : (

So now you’re searching for WHAT you’re doing wrong so you can fix it and get it right STAT!

Well dear one, it’s not about WHAT you are DOING wrong. Nope. In fact, you are probably doing things just right.

The trouble isn’t DOING, it’s how WRONG YOU FEEL FEELING.

It’s hard to go right when you’re “wronging” your feelings

What do I mean by that? Let’s dive in with an example…what are you feeling right now about yourself and the state of your dreams?

Are you feeling frustrated, demoralized or afraid you’re not good enough?Now, what are you feeling about having those feelings?

Is there a little voice saying:

  • you have no right to feel so sorry for yourself?
  • you’re weak for feeling so sensitive or emotional?
  • you’re crushing your “manifesting” ability if you let yourself feel negative for even half a second?

THAT convo in your head is what I call emotional back talk.It’s been sabotaging you from the start.

Gratitude for big feelings – the missing step BEFORE positive affirmations will work

Emotional back talk is a result of growing up in a culture that doesn’t teach us how to honour our emotional selves or give us tools to leverage this part of our genius, especially in business!


Sadly, many women and the majority of men are divorced from their emotional genius and denied their true nature as FEELING BEINGS.

And even people who know and accept that they are a highly sensitive person or empathic (which you can read about here), they are still missing tools and strategies to make life easy and beautiful as an intensely emotional person.

To succeed in life and business AUTHENTICALLY YOU, you need to learn how to start working with ALL of your feelings as power. And the tips I’m giving you below are a great start.


Give Your Whole Self Respect

Law of Attraction teaches ONLY focus on the ‘positive’ or ‘high vibration’ feelings. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself or freak out when you DON’T feel that way.

They say what you focus on expands, but guess what? What you resist persists!!!

When you allow yourself to feel ALL your feelings, you’re giving yourself healthy respect – not RUINING your vibration or manifesting ability. Because if you keep criticizing yourself for the way you feel, all you’re doing is feeding THE INNER CRITIC (the exact opposite of what you want!)

When you can have CONFIDENCE in your deep feeling capacity as a gift, treating it like a genius that enhances everything you do you will find deeper peace with yourself, feel truly aligned, have deeper relationships, and finally start getting REAL results with Law of Attraction and manifesting practices.

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3 Common Prioritizing Mistakes That Kill Genius Juju

By Lindsay Hindle | Focus , Performance , Persistence , Practical Tool , Resilliency

Prioritizing properly is a must to avoid feeling frazzled. Frazzle kills your genius juju and we don’t want that cause the world needs your genius darling.

So I’m continuing my mission this week to help people sort out their priority puzzles. When it comes to doing BIG work in the world, especially if you are just starting out, everything can feel overwhelming. 

Last week I blogged about the importance of having a well prioritized to-do list, one that is free of AVOIDANCE tasks. You know, the filler things you hide behind instead of tackling the BIG important things? If you missed it, catch up here.

Now that we’ve just put some BIG priorities on your list, you’re probably wondering when and how do you get them done? Which one first?

Well, I’d like to share some common mistakes I see people making in the hopes it will help you with that.

Mistake #1 – Plunking without plotting

Commonly, people carve up their day guided by “what” is on their to-do list, but rarely stop to think about how long each item on that list is likely to take. This means you have a “Hope to do” list, but you don’t really know how realistic it is.

Why does this mistake matter? It causes two problems:

  • You make a plan you can’t stick to (ie. your structure breaks down)
  • You give yourself crap for meeting your own unrealistic expectations (ie. your morale breaks down)

Mistake #2 – Overlooking the Learning

Commonly, people don’t give due respect to the learning time of doing something new. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t take this into account. Knowing what is totally new on your list (never done before) needs special treatment.

Keep in mind you may have ‘learn-by-doing’ tasks or ‘absorb-first-implement-later’ kind of tasks, either way build in additional time for these things.

Mistake #3 – Skipping the scales

Ok, this analogy may not make sense for everyone, but hopefully you catch on!

When I was a kid I hated practicing piano, most especially scales. I wanted to skip ahead and just play the damn pieces of music. But skipping the scale drills made it harder to play the pieces, so I didn’t do myself any favours.

My point?

There are probably a lot of repetitive tasks that are ‘hands-off’ tasks ONCE you have a system set up for them. But if you don’t take the time to set up the foundation, they always remain ‘hands-on’ tasks and suck up resources that could otherwise be transferred elsewhere.

I’m talking really basic stuff, like do you have a ‘Grab “N Go’ spreadsheet where you keep all the important, most used/accessed URLS of your business so it takes seconds to share them and not minutes of searching and calling up your own sites every time?

Case in point, here is The Bravery Lab link (and by the way have you joined the community yet?). This took me just seconds to grab.

Remember you’re not just expending time resources, you’re expending mental energy (prime focus energy) that is needed elsewhere like learning!

Take the hit in the short-term to set some things up and benefit in the long term.